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What's your favourite part of designing a new worl

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minibit, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Mine is designing the culture; popular beliefs, religions, meals, festivals, medicine, all the parts of daily life that help form people's interests and expectations.

    What about you guys?
  2. I find the aspect of designing the world's history and lore to be the ones I'm drawn to most. How I do it depends on the thing it's being made for, though. Sometimes I start from creation, and go forward, other times, I start with the backdrop of the story and move backwards, asking myself how the culture and worlds of today developed and where they came from. Most of the time, the stuff I come up with never sees the light of day, unless it's a tabletop game or an RP and someone actively pursues such information, or it's pertinent to the plot at hand.
  3. I really enjoy designing new characters with all their quirks along with the businesses they own. Taverns have got to be my favorite; coming up with all the creative drinks and how they affect characters. I also like creating new races and animals. I prefer the fantasy world so that whatever my brain comes up with I can write in down on paper.
  4. My favorite part of creating a new world is creating the creatures that inhabit it. Its such a great time for me, when I can just let loose all of the ridiculous ideas I have and convert them into living, breathing organisms. Whether it be an apex predator, a small animal kept as a pet, the plant that traps any travelers.
  5. I really enjoy creating those unique spots in the world for the characters to witness and interact with: places of strange magics, beautiful vistas, bizarre villages in equally-strange places. I like seeing the reactions of the characters unfold in my mind as they come across these unique areas, and interact with them on certain levels: even if they were the ones that ended up causing these strange areas to exist.
  6. The History.

    I'm an amateur historian, and I adore the way our history dictates everything that we are. It's not about dates, or names, or battles. It's about the small things, the Left Turns that we take as a whole that change the entire course of what we do, what we will be, and where we are going.

    I love mapping that out for the cultures and civilizations for the worlds I build; sometimes it becomes overwhelming for me, because I go in and nit pick the tiniest of details, and sometimes the world never becomes fully realized. But that's okay. What I enjoy most is creating that history, and if I never use the setting, oh well. It will always be there, and maybe one day I can come back to it and figure out if they ever reach the stars. Or if they are the harbinger of their own Armageddon.
  7. I guess designing the characters / races would do it for me, hah. ^_^'
    But I also love coming up with the history, the land they live on, the type of theme, what's currently happening, I just love creating, it's a real fun thing.

    But yeah, creating the characters and the bonds and seeing it grow, takes the bag.
  8. I love making the landscape reveal the history of the world. As an avid fantasy book reader and RPG gamer, I feel that it's essential to immersion that the world itself have it's facial expressions. It is the world that shapes the people. Only when people conquer nature... then do they shape the world.
  9. Mostly Everything
  10. BORING ANSWER, but I actually really like fleshing out economies, because money has been a pretty dang big driving force throughout most of history.

    What is a country's main export? What do they rely on others to import? What relationships are tense because of trade agreements/dependencies? Have countries/people ever gone to war over resources? How many money-making ventures have been disguised to the people as wars for justice or region (looking at you, Crusades!)? Are any countries dependent on war to make money? Are the people rich, or poor? How do different monetary classes view one another? What makes a person rich, here? Do people buy things from stores, markets, or is it a trade-based economy? What does an economically stable country look like? What does an economically unstable country look like?

    And that trickles down to characters, of course, since growing up rich or poor or in a war that's based around trade is very informing.
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