What's Your Dream Home?

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    Thinking about buying a home scares me, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about which one i would like to live in for the rest of my life. It also doesn't help that I'm watching a lot of House Hunters lately. XD

    What is your dream home? Does location play a huge role? Or is it the people who you live with as well?

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    Something like this, this is an adorable house.
    Part of it is the location, which affects the style of the houses. That house is in Telluride, Colorado. Which is beautiful.
    People that I live with are also very important!
  3. Tiny house, maybe not even two floors. Extremely homey, with bookshelves everywhere. It'd be full of artwork and sculptures and whatnot. It'll be great.
  4. My IMPOSSIBLE dream house would be a castle. 8D With dozens of rooms and hidden passages and balconies and indoor pool and gardens and everything. I think I would like it in Europe near the Mediterranean sea.

    My more achievable (if Uh, I ever become a rich diana. >>) dream house would prolly be about 5 large bed rooms, two floors. A living room, office room, family room, huuuuuuge kitchen, dining room, sunroom, two car garage with a guest/family loft apartment built over it. 8D A swimming pool and small greenhouse. Huuuge yard with lots of garden space.

    Currently, though, I am lucky enough to live in a house I love! And piece by piece we're making it "perfect". 8D It'll take a couple years, but it's worth it and really fun to do.
  5. I want a home in Hawaii. Something airy, with a view and a garden. Nothing too big. And of course a lanai.

    I also want a home with an acre or so. Enough for a big garden and maybe some animals, like ducks or llamas or emus and a work dog to keep them in line. A little creek would be a bonus. The house would have a Tuscan style kitchen with an island prep area, the whole house wood flooring and there'd be a study/library in the smoking room style. Maybe a porch too with a swing seat for two.

    So I'm going to have to be slightly rich to have two homes and still travel the world.
  6. I want a small apartment (but not to small) It should be bright and have a nice view over the ocean or a nice town with a mountain far away or something like that. I don't really wanna live in a house because I have lived in a house my whole life and it is so big when it's just three people living in it. And because I don't plan on getting a family or at least not children then I think that I don't need a house to live in x) An apartment is enough for me. :9 An apartment in japan of course ;)