What's your Breakup/Getting over someone song?

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  1. A good friend of mine is in the middle of a nasty breakup. I caught her listening to all these depressing songs about broken hearts and lost loves and all that other boo hoo nonsense. She says it helps, but I think songs that focus on the anger/revenge aspect of breakups help you get over it better. So! I'm seeing what everyone else listens to when they're trying to get over someone. Here's my songs. ^^

  2. Not particularly a "Getting over a Break Up" song rather than it is one of those inspirational uplifting songs, but I feel like it applies to those situations.

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  4. I love Karma! But I haven't broken up with anyone in years. If I did this would be mine.

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  5. This was my ANTHEM during one of my teenage life breakups. O____O I sang the shit out of this song while I sobbed my little eyes out.

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  6. That reminded me of another one.

    Apparently I'm the only angry person during a break up. o.o
  7. I listened to this a lot during breakups, but I listen to it during other times I'm having rough moments. It just illustrates how I feel so perfectly, and I feel sooo much better after angrily screaming out some 5FDP lyrics.

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  8. Last time I was involved in a "breakup", I released a compilation of songs. No one song could encompass how much it hurt. When I think back upon it, I still cannot choose just one song.

    The artists and song titles are posted below, in order:

    Show Spoiler

    Riverside - Us
    Conjure One - Endless Dream
    Ljungblut - Facades
    Stone Sour - Bother
    Delerium - After All
    Oomph - Nothing
    Within Temptation - Memories
    A Perfect Circle - Passive
    Bush - Mouth (The Stingray Mix)
    Cruxshadows - Adrift
    L'Ame Immortelle - Have I Ever
    Dry Kill Logic - In Memoria Di
    RA - Swimming Upstream
    Opeth - In My Time Of Need
    Earshot - Someone
    Slipknot - Vermillion (Part 2)
    Nine Inch Nails - And All That Could Have Been
    Godhead - Inside Your World

    Putting this compilation together was highly theraputic.
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  9. Omg! Bother! I love that song, but I think it would make me suicidal listening to that after a breakup.
  10. My pandora is Hipsterlicious today

    A break up song you can dance to. I like it. I like it a lot.
  11. Really? No one has listed Barry fuckin' Manilow yet?!

    EDIT: Oh, this is about the part when you're trying to legit get over things.



    I got nothin'.
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  14. Eh. To me, no song is worth that. It's all theraputic, and every song a sort of reflection of how I felt at the time.

    I did something like this for every breakup, because every breakup was different. This one, while the relationship hadn't lasted too long, it did hurt more than any others.
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  15. Pretty much the whole album.
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  17. Nope, just kidding, I don't have such a thing.
    But I guess it is still a breakup song of some sorts..
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  18. Ever since yesterday, this has been my number one break-up song. It's so powerful, and it gives me a sort of vibe that you would get from James Bond openings, which is awesome.

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  19. I've only ever had one girlfriend, so I've only ever gone through one breakup. It was tough, and I'm still not fully over it. But I'd rather not listen to something that'll only make me more depressed, so I prefer to listen to something a little more uplifting. Like this song here:

    Or this one:

    Or perhaps even this song right here that was absolutely just made for me:

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  20. Well, I usually listen to music rather popular at the time. Not exactly listening to be honest, just hoping it drowns out my thoughts.

    Except when I'm really angry. I remember this one vividly. Thinking back now, it was hilarious.

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