Whats your addiction?

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  1. (Ok, I'm taking this topic off of another site.)

    What is your addiction, your "poison"...what can't some of you live without?

    If it calls to you...put it: Little things, big things...I want it all.


    music, horror movie worthy nights in the woods (mist hanging around you and a full moon), massages, food (I’m a food whore)…Bacon, peanut butter milkshakes, shrimp egg rolls, aim/msn…all the messengers, rp, games, Hot sauce. My computer, Iwaku, Sleep, Dr pepper, my super nes, Piercings, Caffeine...in coffee form or what have you, Riding old wooden roller-coasters at night. Anything alcoholic, smokes: Marlboro menthols (quit for the most part so its only one every now and then), warhammer talk in the cbox, most of all…Him.<=not the band.
  2. Okay, taking a quick breather on my break to give feedback.

    Honestly, Genesis was...Genesis. I can tell there was a ton of love put into it, and it was done really well...from the parts of it I saw.

    I'm gonna be honest, life has been very rough these past couple of months. From around October to, shoot, last week, I have had unbelievable amounts of stress, a lot of irl issues to deal with at once, and my depression kicked in big time and is still lingering. It was one of the reasons why I wasn't in Civil War much, and one of the reasons I wasn't here much. In hindsight, I may have been better off not signing up, but I really wanted to be a part of Genesis, and honestly I am glad I was.

    So, individual shout outs:

    @Atomyk @Verite You guys are amazing. I've always admired the time and effort you two put into Murder and it's truly wonderful to just sit back and enjoy the experience you give everyone. I think this time you both deserve extra kudos, Atomyk for taking time for himself, and Jason for working to keep things afloat. You guys are amazing, and I hope you two can rest easy for a while.

    @Mason Moretti @Kaide` (wherever you may be) Team Clockwork forever. It was a lot of fun in the beginning with you guys, and Mason I had tons of fun interacting with you. You ever need an RP buddy in an MG hit me up yo.

    @Josh M Actually, Alice was nowhere near my choice for Genesis. I actually had, like, zero idea who to play, and kinda underestimated how badly irl would impact me, heh. But I'm glad I played as her in the end, even if she wasn't really a presence.

    Clark was, though, and he was good. You did a pretty good job as a traitor, same goes to @Takumi and @LuckycoolHawk9 you guys all did fantastic. I never suspected any of you...until that PM.

    @Sen @Hana Alukuei was one of my favorite parts of the game omfg. The romance was unbelievably cute (and they kiiiiiissed omfggggggg). 10/10 good shipping y'all.

    I would tag more folks but I kinda held off all day writing this because today dropped some bombs on me lol (plus I didnt interact with many folks orz). But overall, I think everyone did a pretty good job! Im looking forward to getting more involved in MG again, it'll be nice to get back to my old level of activity.
  3. Honestly?

    I kind of have an addiction to porn. I fuckin' LOVE titties!

    Also: Doritos (and any other cheesy-salty snacks), orange juice, Snickers bars, mah computar, reading, peanut butter, scalp massages, and sexy voices.

    Please, for the love of god, talk sexy to me in a seductive voice... You can even be reading the menu at Dairy Queen, if you say it in a sexy-seductive voice.
  4. Caffeine. Definitely caffeine. I can't get off it no matter how many times my doctor tells me too.

    Coca Cola... no matter how many times people tell me it bad for you. I really don't care, it's delicious!

    Ummm, and other bullshit that I can't think of at the moment.
  5. Metal,a Good Beer,Sirloin Steak, Pizza, Chineese food, Japanese food, aw hell Asian food in general, chainsaws, chainswords, chainaxes, chain guns, whips and chains, cancer sticks, Warhammer, Terminator armor, The eviscerator...etc
  6. Iwaku, my crayons, color pencils, markers, and felt tip pens <3, school, my friends, and life <3
  7. "Lyra has vast talent and curiousity. Once your sister squeeze every bit of knowledge from him, trust me, she'll be bored of him." Harmony chuckle, "I was kind of like that once."
  8. also i just realized we've been allowing Sam to teleport with either Hushcobb's rigs (such as when he joined Hushcobb in teleporting from Thailand back to the US) or with Natalia's powers -- we may have to make the retcon that this version of Sam has full control over the Empiric Field
  9. Great. Think I've finished my post, too. Ended it with Jade mentioning a secret in Specter that hints at the Barrage reveal.
  10. "Would you prefer a vegetarian one?"
  11. "I highly doubt there's such a thing as a vegetarian tiger and I'm going to bet your father or Melissa fed that thing angel meat, consciously or otherwise."
  12. It is done
  13. "Of course. It's our memories." *john smiled as he walked to the playground *
  14. Might want to. Drawing a blank right now and am currently dealing with a small computer crisis.
  15. The crisis turned out to be nothing...weird...but I'm still not sure what to add. So again, maybe do your double-post. Was going to do Natalia come in to basically save the day because she could sense what was going on at Hushcobb, but what were you thinking?
  16. Just saw Logan finally.

    That was a good movie.
  17. posted.

    the fight is on!

    since natalia can clean this up just by showing up, this might be a good place to show off what the Hushcobb folks can do--give them their chance to shine

    i left things such that Crippling, Sam, and Cross can fight through the sewers (blood puppets crawling in tight quarters!? that'd be a scary fight!) and eventually make their way into the headquarters' basement or something. then while crippling and crossfire can show off their powers (crippling's werewolf form and crossfire's marksmanship), sam can do his mcgyvering to fix the automated defenses that i assume a place like hushcobb would have.

    in the meantime, this is also a good spot to show off karin, matt, ferrara, landel, and ruth and what they can each do to contribute to the fight
  18. "Lyra's shadow also eats flame."

    Astorath patted her head. "I hear it was a joint effort."
  19. What are your favorite tracks from anime or anime movies?

    Here are some of mine:

    Come and share yours in this thread!​