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  1. I guess you could say I'm new... So, ERM... Anyone want to roleplay? And if anybody wants to: I started a roleplay on DeviantArt that never really got that far and it was called "Made A Pet by your Sibling." Does anyone want to do that?
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  2. Erm whats it about? pm me and i'll let you know. and Welcome to the site
  3. Heyy Welcome to the site!!!!!!! If you want to get that rp started, you should start by making a thread about it in the roleplay talk section, describe your idea make sure people know how AMAZING it surly is. You could find every genre under the sun here, (with a new section coming out on the 6th -wink-) So There are BOUND to be a dozen potential rpers that would love the rp, You just need to advertize it in the right places (If you catch my drift) -Insert joke here-

    Again welcome to the site, You will love it here, I know I do!
  4. Greetings Angela! <3 Welcome to the community!
  5. Thank you!