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  1. > My name is AwesomenessKON
    > Most on here often call me Kon
    > I've been roleplaying online for about a year now.
    > I have signed up for other sites before, but have ultimately returned to this one. Through the good and the bad this site seems to hold my true heart as a role-player.
    > My favorite color is this one... --> http://colorcombos.com/combotester.html?color0=6600CC&&show_text=
    > I happened to stumble across this site about five minutes ago.
    > I am most excited to participate in and be around all these creative stories, people, and ideas. I simply love a great story!
    > In my year of doing PbP RPGs I'd say that my experience amounts to a 7. Even though I'm loving every minute of it I still have many things I can learn: including how to type long extravagant paragraphs that enthrall the readers and most of all the ability to play characters for both story line and have fun at the same time. I tend to get so caught up in my character that all logic disappears ultimately driving me insane... ^^! 90% of the time I can keep that under control though. insane... ^^!
    > I'm currently majoring in digital graphics and design. I'm also a huge Nintendo gamer, watch tons of Youtube, and listen to allot of 80s music. ^^
    > You can contact me though my YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/raregamer99) or by PMing me on this user account.
    > Well, there is the meaning of my user name if you're interested... AwesomenessKON is actually 2 things that I grew up with. Awesomeness is a word I picked up to describe myself and I've been saying it ever since. KON is an abbreviation for King of Nintendo. I know you don't capitalize the O in "of" but who cares, right? ^^ That name came from my neighborhood friends. I was always the best at Nintendo games and being the reigning champion comes with a title, right? I'm just too awesome at them I guess... ^.^
  2. Yeeeeahhhh Nintendo games! Super Mario!

    Aside from that, welcome to the site~ ^_^
  3. Hello! Nintendo rules, and 80s? The best around in my (not so) humble opinion.
  4. Thanks! Looking forward to some fun on here.
    The best around? Maybe your right. I'm just too awesome!
  5. Well hello there Captain Awesome! Welcome to the site! :D
  6. The community on here is pretty cool. Very welcoming. I can hop over and invite my friends now!