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  1. Hey, you can just call me Demon or call me whatever, I really don't mind(expect if I think you made fun of me). I am a boy and yes most people do call me Demon.

    My Fav Genres:

    I'm really into role playing the end of the World kind of stuff(Like I Am Legend and Revolation settings). Also im into fantasty, mostly role playing Demons(Because they can fly).

    Least Fav Genres:

    I'm really not into realstic humans, I will role play with you if you ask or if it really does intrest me but usually I won't do that.

    Characters: Ok so he's some of my fav characters and a little about them. Come ask me if you want me to come and role play one(I can change them up a little to meet your standereds)

    Argent Tosen(He's my ultime fav): He is a demon(No suprise there). He has black hair with dark purple streaks that make his dark green eyes pop. His got a skinny frame so he can fly better. He can also turn into a crow.

    History: He use to be human and had a best friend but when a school shooting happened, Argent got shot and well kind of re-surfaced. He murdered his best friend and end up murdering a lot of other people. Now he just lives in abounded house up in the woods, crows sorround the place and if your human, the moment you step in. Your not getting out(Mwhahahahaha, *Coughs* Sorry about that)

    Helen White: She is human with pure white hair and blue eys. She is very small for her size because she lives on the streets. Most people know her as Snow for her hair color.

    History: Her parents gave her up for adoption because they couldn't take care of her. At age 12 she ran away with a group of kids and began to live on the streets with them, they all changed their name. Snow(Helen), Crow, Ever, Stone, and 2morrow. At age 13 she searched for her parents and figured out they were dead. She is 15 now and is still living on the streets.

    Iris Finch: Another street kid that lives in an abounded apartment with her brother Crescent(You know? Like the Crescent moon.....His real name is Cale Finch). She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

    History: Their was a shoot out in a mall where Iris, her brother, and her parents were shopping. Once the shooting began Iris and her brother got seprated and they didn't find their parents so they began to live on the streets. Crescent was the one to find the apartment.

    Ok thats all the characters im adding right now but I promise to add more and I'll try to get pics up.

    MY FAV SONG(if you know it, come tell me)

    "In the middle of a gun fight
    In middle of a restraunt
    They say, "Come with your arms raised high!"
    Well they're never gonna get me
    Like a bullet through a flock of doves
    To wage this war against your faith in me
    Your life
    Will never be the same!
    On your mother's eyes
    Say a prayer
    Say a pray-Yeah, yeah!

    But I can't, and I don't know
    How we're just two men
    As God made us, had made us
    Well I can't, well I can! Yeah, yeah
    Too much, to late, or just not enough in my heart
    For your dying wish, I kissed your lips again!

    They all cheat a cards and checkers is lost
    My cellmates's a killer
    They make me do push ups
    But nobody cares if your losing yourself
    Am I losing myself?!

    Oh, I miss my mom
    Will they give me a chair?
    Or a lethat injection
    Swing from a rope if you dare
    Nobody knows all the troubles i've seen!

    But I can't and I don't know
    Now were just two men
    God made us, had made us
    Well I can't, well I can!
    Too much, too late, or just not enough this pain in my heart
    For your dying wish, I kissed you again!

    To your room, where they ask of you
    They'll make you want to say, "So long...."
    Well I don't remember
    Why I remember......YOU?!

    Do you have the keys to the hotel?!
    Were going to string this motherf*cker on Fire! (Fire!)

    Life is but A
    Full of the dead
    Well I won't go down by myself
    But i'll go down with my friends

    Now, now, now (I can't explain)
    Now, now, now (I won't complain)
    Now, now, now!


    Hands up if you memorize lyrics better then vocabulary words! Now be honest! And Yes I am very random!
  2. Hi Demon, welcome to Iwaku! If you want to show off your characters, you should check out our Blogs! Lots of people post their character bios there. Just hit that button on the right that says "+ Create New Post" to start posting your own blogs.

    A word about your siblings: We don't allow shared accounts. D: We also don't allow anyone under 13 on the site, so please make sure to log out of Iwaku if you're not personally using the computer! If any of your siblings are 13 or older, they are more than welcome to make their own account, though.

    I memorize vocabulary better than lyrics because I am a bookwormy nerd. 8D
  3. Ok I'll delete a few parts. Sorry about that
  4. No worries! So tell me, do you prefer group roleplays or one-on-one roleplays? :D
  5. I do like group role plays but since I'm not always on until late I prefer on on one.

    Oh this is a little off topic. I messed up on my birth date thing and I was wondering on how to change it.
  6. A moderator has to fix that for you! Luckily for you, I'm a mod. :] Just give me your birth date and I'll get that changed.
  7. All fixed to the correct date! I also deleted your post so you can keep your birth date private, if you wish. :]
  8. Oh yeah, thanks :) really appreciate it
  9. No problem! Hope you find some great roleplays soon.
  10. Actually starting one up:) its about a little about war and demons lol
  11. Hi there [MENTION=3051]Demon[/MENTION]. I'm D'evil. The friendly neighborhood daemon. And you shall be my victim!!!! MWHUAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAH!!! *cough cough cough* *sigh* Can't laugh like I used to. Oh well. Need any help, have questions, comments, concerns, don't hesitate to ask. I like my victims to be happy.
  12. Hello there newbie! Or shall I say, Demon?!

    Welcome to the Community!
  13. [MENTION=2088]D'evil[/MENTION]. Hey! Nice to meet you! And thanks

    [MENTION=2930]Frankenille[/MENTION]. Thank you and it's Demon ;) (wink, wink)
  14. Hallo Demon! 8D I too have always memorized lyrics better than vocabulary. .___.; I think cause it comes with music.

    Clearly all vocabulary must come in the form of a song to learn it! 8D
  15. Hello Diana! Yes they should do make vocab words into a song, that'd be awesome :3
  16. Welcome to the site! I'm October nice to meet you.

    I dig end of the world RP, too. Anything desolate and disturbing for me : )

    Hope to see you in some threads soon.