What's the worst thing you've done on a dare?

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  1. Title says it all! What's the worst thing you've done for a dare?


    It was on Skype, and while it was a dare, it was an interesting dare in which I had to describe how I'd have sex with a horse to save my parents from cancer. I began to intricately describe how I'd give the horse the handjob of the century, and... well...

    Hilarity ensued.

  2. Flew around a bend in a parking lot drive area at about 35... I'm not one for dares.
  3. hehehe oh seiji <3

    uh...all i'm going to say is drunken truth or dare...

  4. Skinny dipping.
  5. Ran through a semi-crowded parking area naked. *high fives Kitti*
  6. This!
    But it was dead winter so....
    Well you guys know.......
    Not much fun....
  7. We are winners, guys.
    Both of you make me chuckle.
  8. Crushing up spicy cinnamon candy and snorting it. x__x

    Funny enough, I did that for ten bucks, just so I could buy some Coca-Cola that day. The things I'll do... *facepalm*
  9. Fluffy loves her coke too much.

    ass for me, well.......

    I was dared to go whaling

    big girls need love sometimes
  10. I don't and have never done dares, because I had sadistic friends who would have been assholes with their dares. XD I play it SAFE.
  11. I once went swimming, at night, in the sea, in a place where tides can easily crush you against the rocks if you're not careful.

    I could have died that day.

    I don't do dares anymore.
  12. YOUR MOM.


    for cereales.
    I had to put ice down my shirt at a sleepover.
    No bigging.
    THE SMALL CHEST COMES IN HANDY THERE. BWAHAHA. they fell out. easily. was like KAY DONE NEXT.
  13. LMFAO Karsibro.

    Oh, I remembered another one!

    At college, I was broke/poor. All my buddies were going to Zaxby's after the football game and I wanted food, but I had no monies! SO~

    One of the dudes there dared me to roll down this hella steep and hella long hill that was adjacent to the bleachers. This thing was massive, a part of the earth that had not been carved away for the huge bowl of the football stadium. It had to have been at least 300 feet. He told me to dive and roll, and he'd cover all my food.

    So, I dived.

    Holy shit did I pick up speed, and holy fuck did that motherfucker hurt on the way down. I was 18, trying to be cool... of course I did it, y'know?

    SO MANY PEOPLE thought I had tripped and were freaking the fuck out that I was going to die. I hit the chain fence below so freaking hard, I uplifted the bottom of it and nearly got myself stuck. I stood up, filthy, and waved my hand drunkenly. Then I realized I had fractured my wrist.

    Not-so-good times, bro.

    I also got the most fucking awesome Zaxby's dinner. Zaxby's sauce rules.
  14. Let my friends shoot a nail gun at my back for mountain dew.

    So lucky they didnt pierce my skin.