What's the best answer you've ever given to the job interview question...

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  1. ... What is your biggest weakness?

    Be it humourous or serious, I demand to know the answer!

    One of the funnier ones I've heard: "Bullets. Definitely bullets."
  2. Well I generally always treat that question with seriousness, thus my answer is I'm too selfless of a person. I take too much time taking care of others and not myself.
  3. I said that I suck at math. XD

    That's the only thing I can remember. >>; I don't recall getting that question for most interviews, believe it or not. It was always "What are your goals? How much school have you completed? What are you good at?" Rarely was I asked about weaknesses.
  4. Whenever I've been asked that, I usually respond with seriousness (mainly because I want the goddamn job), so I try not to joke around too much.

    But I've always wanted to answer with something along the lines of, "Balefire. Anything else, and I'm sure to come back."
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  5. My biggest weakness. It's always when they ask:

    "Have you encountered any problems with customers."

    I'm at the point in my life where if a customer gets snappy with me, that I'll just say... "If you'd like, you can wait in that line and the other cashier will serve you."

    I don't get paid enough to have people bitch at me, because they feel like they need to. Minimum wage is not that great here, and they don't give us extra to listen to other people whine and complain that they're not getting their shit fast enough.
  6. I applied for a job to work at a daycare and during the interview I was asked that question and I responded, "Coloring.... I love coloring more then children do! My niece always wants to stop coloring and I just sit there finishing the whole picture." I got the job! & currently still work there. :)
  7. I'm totally gonna use the bullets one next time.