What's on your to-do list?

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  1. What non-internet stuff have you got to do? Minibit is curious if anyone's day is more mundane than hers

    - Work shitty 3 hour shift
    - Do laundry
    - Take out recycling
    - Sweep the bedroom, sewing room, and hallway
    - Fix the bobbin tension on my sewing machine
    - Make Beef Strogganoff for dinner
  2. -do 30 math problems (eww asymptotes and trig functions)
    -read and annotate 3 chapters of The Great Gatsby
    -read a chapter of my history textbook
    -write an 18 page paper on the Civil War (don't have to have this finished 'til Monday, thank the gods)
    -put the rest of my hair into braids (only like forty left to do yay -_-)
    -practise flute and record some pieces
    -practise bassoon and figure out how on earth high f# works
    -figure out what to make for dinner
    -make it
    -wash my clothes
    -find my nice shirt (and probably iron it) 'cause i have to wear it tomorrow
    -clean off my desk because my makeup has decided to wander over the entire surface and i need it for a class on Thursday.

    So yeah. There aren't enough hours in the day.
  3. - Eat the rest of my dinner
    - Work out
    - Shower after work out
    - Laundry
    - Dishes
    - Finish my Scorpion mask for my cosplay
    - etc.
  4. ~vacuum
    ~water plants
    ~October's lunch
    ~Graveyard walk (every Tuesday)
    ~Post something
    ~make tea
    ~Read a few pages Of H.P. Lovecraft
    ~Post something from my phone
  5. -Finish my submission for the Artisan's Challenge

    -Greet newbies

    -Do all my missing homework

    -Apply for a viola scholarship

  6. - Wake up no later than 11am. (I'm a night owl. So's my son. x-x)
    - Make breakfast for baby.
    - Smoke half a bowl.
    - Get dressed.
    - Smoke last half of bowl.
    - Use body mist to cover smell of weed; brush teeth for same reason.
    - Walk to college campus, buy either a gatorade or a mocha, then go sit in hour long math class.
    - Walk home, put on comfy clothes, smoke moar.
    - Spend next several hours doing chores, studying math, working on my online classes, running errands, and being a mother.
    - When kid goes to sleep, I finally tend to my own needs. I shower, I eat something, I look at roleplay posts, and I watch Netflix.

    That's basically what it is for me everyday. The time I'd usually spend in class (Friday-Sunday) is spent instead on doing laundry or running errands. >__> I like my routines, though. They keep me on track and I don't like to be anything but busy. You can ask Peter, I do not like downtime, even when I most need it. I have to be doing something useful or else I go crazy.
  7. Non internet things...? not.. related.. to iwaku....?


    Um... Dishes...? Clean the kitchen floor. O_O Groceries.
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