What's on your bookmark bar?

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  1. I think it can be insightful. Sometimes. Or, it can just be a bunch of random junk like mine:

    Mangareader, Vocabulary game, two LSK (Legend of Sun Knight) light novel sites, LARP armour, learn Icelandic, donjon RPG tools, guide to tasseomancy, Victorian slang glossary.

    I have weirder things in my folders...

    What about you, Iwaku?
  2. My bookmarks bar is just completely organized into sections, the first folder being for comedy videos and other things to cheer myself or someone else up. The next folder is for anime that i want to watch. The folder after that is for "tv, anime" where every show and series gets it's own folder inside of the folder and it's just filled with amvs and shippings from those series. Then a folder for drawing inspiration where i put hairstyles, clothing, picture references and pose references to possibly use. And just a music folder after that.

    Nothing too exiting or special but yeah thats my bookmarks bar.
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  4. I've... Got a lot of bookmarks.... I don't even use 10% of them o.O Everything is organized into maps... But it is rather unorganized in those maps xD

    First off I have the map for important stuff that I access almost every day. Tyda.se (English-Swedish lexicon), facebook, iwaku, manga-planet and some other sites I rarely visit anymore... ... BUT I MIGHT IN THE FUTURE!! ... Wasn't this an important map?

    Then there's the maps. 'Temporary files' (which pretty much just is random stuff, both temporary and non temporary.) 'manga', 'anime', 'language' (Mainly for japanese learning), 'music', 'games', 'ongoing' (which is stuff like ongoing webseries, comics etc. Not TV series), 'exercises' (I haven't touched that map in months), 'work' (For work applications and stuff), 'courses' (Online courses in interesting subjects such as biology, psychology etc.), 'documentaries', 'youtube check later' (Not checked in two years), 'brain training' (was fun for two weeks.), 'audiobooks' (All the free audiobooks I wanna listen on that's on youtube or other free sites.), 'possible download' (Stuff I might wanna download such as free movie making programs or paint programs etc.), 'Color online' (.... I JUST LIKE TO COLOR THINGS WITHOUT HAVING TO ACTUALLY DRAW THE THINGS I COLOR... Don't judge. It's fun.)

    And that's all my maps. They're all filled with stuff I haven't touched in years o.O
  5. My bookmarks bar is kinda outdated because I just type in the name of a lot of websites I visit instead of bothering to organize my bookmarks.

    It has a bookmark for the Iwaku home page, Roleplayer Guild home page (despite rarely using it), Youtube, Imgur, 3 League of Legends things including the actual game website (despite the fact that I haven't actually played it in a long time), NationStates, and a torrent website.
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  6. I should also note I use Google Chrome which gives me a home page with eight mini-windows to open as well.
    Which as a result are not part of my above bookmarks. These eight pages being the following:

    Iwaku | Facebook | Star Wars Combine | Roleplayer Guild
    YouTube | Pulsar: Lost Colony | Giant In The Playground | Humble Bundle
    1. Iwaku
    2. Springhole.net
    3. Facebook
    4. Fanfiction.net
    5. Webcomics folder
    6. Arrrr folder (piratey things)
    7. Pinterest
    8. Bulbapedia
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    1. 2013 VCE Scaling (End of year exam mark stuff)
    2. Pokemon Reborn Forums
    3. Running Man Episode #
    4. Pinterest
    5. Iwakuroleplay
    6. Flight Rising
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  8. I have my RP bookmarked in addition to folders of each seasons anime XD.
    I tend to forget about what I'm watching so I keep track of them that way.
  9. Why am I not surprised? :P
    P.S That game is hard. XD
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  10. I gave up on my first savefile and now doing a flying nuzlocke ; ;
    Fricken gyms, man.
  11. I know! >.<
    It's like they expect to have caught and trained a specific pokemon in a specific way ahead of time to beat them.
    And the lack of wild pokemon areas makes that very difficult.
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  12. They make poison types lovable c:
  13. *Is moving this over to Skype*

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  14. A bookmark for the episode of RvB I'm on (I'm going through a rewatch), Word Reference, Dante's Inferno and the Illiad pdf, and some soundcloud album with a ton of neat music.
  15. I actually just sorted through my bookmarks bar last night.

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