Whats old is new again

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ryex, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Salutations!

    My name is Ryexander,
    My form is a bird,
    To words do I pander
    My origin is obscured.

    .. ok that was forced.

    any way, I'm Ryex I'v been in and out of this forum to many times to count, I think this is the second time I've had to recreate my account.
    I'm 20, studying Computer science, and like to Roleplay as it was literally what taught me to write, and indirectly what taught me to interact with people in a simi normal way (does that sound creepy?)

    I'm just needed to get back to my roots so I'm back, for how long I do not know but If I join an RP I'll stick around to finish it, I'm like that.
  2. It is either perfectly normal or ridiculously creepy, depending on how you RP. Hopefully it isn't the latter.
  3. well, the characters I RP are pretty normal form a personality perspective, though I do like to play the Mad Man now and then.
  4. Welcome back once again Ryex! Maybe you should quit leaving us, since you inevitably always find your way back. >:3
  5. Hello again Diana, I guess I might have to stop leaving. there is only one way to do that though. get involved :P
  6. Welcome to iwaku hope to see ya around!
  7. Well I posted an Invite request, when I was skimming the current RP's and the new ones starting up a few popped out at me but I always like being dragged into things better then jumping into the of my own accord. Feel free to send me and invite or if you think that a particular RP would be a good fit point it out to me. I'll see you folks around!