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    What's life without a little humor?

    (1000 word+ forum only)
    I'm currently looking for light hearted slice of life role plays. My ideal partner is someone who is sociable, writes more than 1000 words (and in the most 1000 words, gives me something to actually reply to) and continuously plots with me! I like to see unique characters with dorky cliches, funny light hearted moments and I am not afraid to use those hilarious anime physics.
    Do's and Don'ts

    Do not post anything less than 1000 words otherwise you probably won't get a reply for a few weeks. I AM A DICK WHEN IT COMES TO POST LENGTHS. I TRY TO GIVE PEOPLE THREE STRIKES, BUT SERIOUSLY. Give me something to reply to, put some thought in your post. Build a setting with me. Even if we use pictures, you can still describe your character, you can still describe the setting. I shouldn't have to tell you how to post.

    Don't hassle me for a post and I won't hassle you. I am fucking lazy and fucking busy occasionally. I can be quick sometimes, but expect a post every few days or so.
    No pity parties. I don't want yet another poor abused chick with a dick. Seriously, I swear to god.

    Seriously, no chicks with dicks. I like male x male. Make a male, play a male, act like male. I don't care if he is a little feminine, but seriously.
    I don't do Sci-fi, fandoms, furry, character death or strict fantasy.
    I don't use real images. Either I describe or use anime style.

    Do not leave me with nothing to reply to. I don't enjoy god modding.
    Do write lots and lots! The more detail, the more interaction, the more I will want to respond.
    Do plot with me and contribute to the story line. Let's talk in private messages often! I also have skype if you like quick chats.

    Continuously chat and plot with me. (But do not hassle for a post.) The more I like you as a person, the more likely I am to respond.

    Honestly I am not as mean as this makes me out to be. You can throw 180's at me in a post and I am cool with it. I can share OCs, I am open to any ideas. I am just strict when it comes to rules because I get a lot of shit role plays. Let's work something out together. Honestly I am more open and willing to negotiate with people who simply ask!

    If it is written in pink, I probably want to play that. PROBABLY. Doesn't mean you can't though. All you have to do is ask. I don't bite.

    Slice of Life:
    House Husband Office Worker
    Homeless Rich Boy
    Pot Head Pot Head/Honors Student/Dealer
    Cyber Nerd Jock on Facebook
    Business Man Intern/Prostitute/Boss/Employee
    Roommate Roommate
    Student Professor
    Fan Pop/Rock Star/Manga Artist/Author/Actor
    Manga Artist Editor
    Foreign Exchange Student Family

    (( Although it is listed here, I still like slice of life... ))

    Human Vampire

    1/2 Exotic Animal Zoo Keeper/Researcher
    1/2 Animal Pet Owner
    Angel Demon
    Human Ghost
    King Peasant
    Prince Stable Boy

    Image Promts/Plots:
    The last time I actually watched an anime was years ago and I have in my rules that I do not do fandoms, so any couples and pairs in these images are stand alone and have nothing to do with their respective animes.

    Stupid Boyfriends (open)


    They've been dating for a year, both awkwardly stumbling around. The role play will start where they just got a new apartment together. I'd like to start this one sort of like a house husband as well, but the house husband is the submissive one, unlike my other plot. Their ages will be relatively young, so they are both getting the hang of adult life.

    Long Distance Relationship (open)


    This can start one of two ways.

    1. These two famous Vloggers on youtube met simply because they started video commenting to each other. Somehow, youtube just recommended their videos. They are both popular and as soon as they started doing videos together as friends, fans loved it. They quickly became best friends, and started doing videos together. (Just not in person.) What started as a prank to YC, MC flirts with him heavily on a live stream, even going as far as asking him out. YC totally believes him and says yes! The only problem now is that they are both guys! Well, that's not the only problem. One lives in the east coast while the other is west coast.

    2. It took until the day MC moved away to confess his love for YC. He didn't think your character would return the affections. Despite the new distance, the two started dating. MC doesn't have a lap top at first and they only call or message each other. But, for his birthday his parents buy him a new lap top with a web cam in it. He immediately called YC and they are ecstatic to see each other for the first time in ages. Naturally, as all relationships do, they turn from the flirting shyness of a new relationship to utilizing skype as a visual aid.

    House Husband (open)


    After a long day of work the best thing in the world is coming home to a clean house filled with the smell of freshly made, warm dinner. The table is always set nicely, with steaming hot bowls and plates of a sweet and savory home cooked meal. After that the bath is prepared and a towel is waiting for you on the rack outside the bath. Then, it's to the bedroom for some romance by the one you love. Who happens to be the one to make dinner every day.

    MC is a hardworking salary man who just bought a house with his long time lover who is a stay at home partner. They've been together since college and they were both in their late twenties. YC loves to cook and hates a dirty house, therefore he is so happy that MC finally bought them a small house. It's perfect for the two of them. Everyone is jealous of MC's partner, for making him lunches every day, keeping his shirts ironed, they say he must have the best woman and a perfect lover. MC is constantly out buying condoms as well, but they aren't for him, they are for YC.

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  2. I wouldn't mind some of these if you wanna message me we can dicuss :3
  3. The House Husband and Office Worker sounds interesting. Do you have a partner for that?
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  4. I am interested in:

    House Husband x Office Worker (( Are they married to each other, or? ))
    Homeless x Rich Boy
    Pothead x Pothead/Honors Student/Dealer
    Cyber Nerd x Jock on FB
    Business Man x Prostitute/Employee
    Roommate x Roommate
    Half-animal Pet x Owner
    Prince x Stable Boy

    :D A lot to work out, I know. But if interested, PM me?
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  5. I'm all up for the...
    1/2 Exotic Animal x Zoo Keeper
    1/2 Animal pet x Owner
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  6. Wouldn't mind doing any of these v :3

    Homeless ✘ Rich boy
    Business Man ✘Boss/Employee
    Roommate ✘ Roommate
    Student ✘ Professor
    Fan ✘ Pop/Rock Star/Manga Artist/Author/Actor
    Manga Artist ✘ Editor
    Foreign Exchange Student ✘ Family
    Human ✘ Vampire
    1/2 Animal Pet ✘ Owner
    Angel ✘ Demon
    Human ✘ Ghost
    King ✘ Peasant
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  7. You were the first to suggest so nope! I do not have a partner for that yet! Send me a message and we can start plotting!
  8. Hm, I am up for any of these, even a double with the house husband and office worker. (They could be, they don't have to be.)
    I'll send you a message once I reply to all these requests!
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  9. Send me a message with a few of those that you favorite and we can get started!
  10. Awesome! I haven't done one of these in a while.
    Send me a message and we can get started!
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  11. I'd love to do this one if you don't mind but I'd like to switch the position to the angel being the submissive and angels.
  12. Eh? I don't have any characters listed in order at all, so it's not like the angel is dominant or submissive... ahaha.
    Well send me a conversation and we can plot a little bit.
  13. Would you mind another partner for Cyber Nerd x Jock on Facebook?
  14. I wouldn't mind. Send me a message and we can plot a bit.
  15. A bit of bumping
  16. I would love to do either Fan Pop/Rock Star/Manga Artist/Author/Actor or Homeless Rich Boy with you.
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  17. At the beginning you mentioned doing divorced fathers. How do you feel about a divorced/widowed father falling for his kid's kindergarten teacher?
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  18. send me a message n.n
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