What's in a Name?

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    [size=+1]Do you know why your parents chose to give you the name that you have?
    What is the story behind your name?[/size]​
  2. I'm named after my grandmother. In fact it was the name both my mom and my aunt grew up wanting to give a daughter because they liked their mothers name, but not the nickname she went by. Mom said it sounded more like what you called a cow on the farm. I don't think it's that's bad of a nickname, but I'd never use it. I like my given name but damn it I wish not every fifth girl born in my generation had it!
  3. First: Because they had a theme going on biblical names beside not being Christian, and it sounded nice I guess.

    Second: Because I wasn't meant to be conceived. Mum had to wait for two years after having my brother before getting her tubes tied. They used to play argue in front of me over who forgot to buy the condoms. It means "Gift."

    Third: Family tradition! Its the surname of a family that died out when they married into ours so to preserve their surname we carry it with ours.

    Fourth: Also family tradition.. everyone needs a surname.
  4. My first name is actually a messed up story. You see my mother didn't name me my father did. However, he had a name that he always loved. So he said her name will be Tara. Well after a few years no one knew the real reason until I asked. He actually named me after his ex girlfriend, and claimed he just like the name. Which could be true, but my mother was furious when she found out. Then my middle name came about because both my grandmothers had the same first name. So they named me after both those wonderful women. Which makes up for the f'ed up part of my first name lol. Of course I got my dad's last name. Though I find it ironic he made my initials TLC go figure cus I actually can be very mean.
  5. My first name was from a woman my mom thought was so pretty. XD My middle name she just loved and read it out of a book. Diana was not my birthname but it ALMOST was before mom changed her mind in favor of the other two. So it was funny that as a kid I picked up the name and started using it myself.
  6. XC means Xu Cheng. Chinese.

    Full name is Zhang Xu Cheng.

    Zhang is my surname, and in Chinese myth is the name of the bow master of the very first Emperor. The word is written in such a way that it's just putting together the Chinese character for bow and senior together.

    Xu means large. Whether in a physical sense or not I don't know but I sure fulfilled the physical sense by being overweight.

    Cheng means official. As in. Politician sort of official.

    In my house, we don't ask personal questions, so I have no idea why they named me Torstein. To me, the whole "I was named after [old relative]" sounds freaky, so I'm happy thats not a tradition here.

    Torstein means simply "Thor's Stone" - Apparently Thor found it practical to carry stones in his chariot. And in German it's supposed to directly translate to "gatestone"....Wtf??
  8. My name was chosen for both religious and parental reasons, haha. My parents don't really get along, so they kind of fought over what my name would be. (I'm the third child. It was girl, boy, 11 years later, another girl!) They were pretty old (in their forties), so I guess they didn't really expect another kid? (Idk how it was... but I was unwanted for the most part haha.) My mom was like, she wants a youngest child that will take care of her because she's old now. And my dad was like he wants a child that will take his teachings and make the most of them (my sister kind of disappointed him even though he worked so hard to make her an amazing person, she was more like my mom, selfish and wishing for money, etc. and my brother, at the time was the typical rebellious teenage boy..)


    My first name is also the name of the daughter of a prophet. She was known to love her father so much that she was nicknamed 'the mother of her father' and her personality was such that people called her 'the light of the heart', 'the flower', or the 'truth-teller' (in historical accounts). It's a common name, though, in our culture, haha. I don't mind though, because I think, most people don't feel the weight of the name because it's so common; "Fatima". It's literal meaning is "one who abstains", "baby nurse", or "pure one". :]

    My second name is Sarah. The origin of the name was my mother. She wanted a name that was western-versatile. It was the name of a friend of my sister's who lived a hard life in her childhood, but moved on to become a powerful politician in canada. they were inspired by her so they liked the name. i hate that it's the name of my older sister's friend, but the origin aside, I do love the name itself. It's also highly common, haha. It's literal meaning is "princess".

    My given name/last name
    is also really common. My father was one of eight siblings, but his father gave him his own last name. So it's a family name that goes back to my paternal grandparents who were from "Britannia" (as we call it in pakistan, haha.) The literal meaning of "Khalid" is "eternal, everlasting."

    When I was younger, my father would joke with me and tell me what his original intentions to name me were. I would get upset saying, why didn't you give me a pretty name instead of these common names. As I grew older, I hated my middle name because it represented a level of control that my older sister and mother had over me that I couldn't break free of, but I grew to accept it and love it.

    Surprisingly, I think I really suit my name. Although it is three very common names in south-asian culture, I still have not met anyone with the same combination as mine! Haha. That makes me happy. Also, put together my name means "The eternal princess who abstains/is pure". I really like meaning! It's a pretty meaning, like the cute chinese names that my friends have like "fragrance of something" or "wind's voice" and interesting meanings like that. Plus, being a "princess" is something every girl wishes for, right? ;)
  9. LAWL.

    My dad (mama and dad divorced, he's a bum 8D ) was all like LET'S NAME HER STAR.
    and my mom was like NO. 8D
    My mom was like LET'S NAME HER RENEE'.
    My brother was like I LIKE STACY.
    And then I was born Staci Renee'. <3 middle name. so. <3 yeah.
  10. Letters. Although, sometimes numbers make an appearance! ;)

    Honestly, though, I'm not sure why or how my name came to be. For all I know, it could be random. I know my middle name is sort of a tribute to the person who would be my older brother today, had he survived (he passed at the age of 10 days old due to a heart condition).
  11. Well my mom wanted to name me Angelica, meaning angel or like an angel, while my dad wanted to name me Sandra, meaning defender. In the end dad won, maybe because of his accident, and I was named Sandra Angelica. My last name is very common in Sweden as a surname actually though Folke is quite unusual as a last name, dad as adopted however and I don't know his original last name though it could have been a Finnish one perhaps.
  12. English Name: Jennifer Ip
    Chinese name: Ip Gai Chee

    There isn't much meaning to my English name. I know that it was my dad who named me. I guess he liked the sound of the name. However in the house I'm called Jenny, but because my family has a very heavy Chinese accent and makes English words sound like Chinese, Jenny roughly translates to 'fried fish.' -_-" I also don't have a middle name. I think my family left it like that so I would take Ip as my middle name when I would marry.

    The last name comes first in the Chinese language, hence why it's there. My last name means 'leaf' which I think is cool because it ties in with the whole concept of a family tree. I can't remember which word it is, (I never use my Chinese name, it's just a formal thing) but one of it means gold. I don't know what the other one means.
  13. hmmm my name.

    1st name : Well my mum hadn't planned my named out because she thought I was going to be a bouy because the nurse told her that they thought I was going to be a football player. -_- so my parents ended up franctically looking for names having only prepared blue clothing (Lucky my mum recieved a little white elephant suit as a gift so I wasn't left out) Originally wanted to call me Ella. Which I personally probably would have preferred as I want to change my name which is Hollie. The reason why my mother chose Hollie is because it means 'Luck.' The reason for this being is my mother has always been very ill when it comes to her body to the point they believed she couldn't have a child. However she tried anyway. Out of seven children I was the only one to make it alive.

    2nd name: My second name, Louise was named after my father's nan who was apparently a very gentle woman who passed away. The woman meant a lot to my dad and thus wanted to be called it.

    3rd. My last name derives from an old french meaning that mean literally "Keeper of the park"
  14. These are all really cool!

    My first name is Caitlin: It means pure and is a variant of CaitrÍona, which is Gaelic.

    Middle name is Alicia: It doesn't have a meaning, it's just a form of Alice. Alice traces back to medieval England and was in this way carried to Ireland, though it fell out of favor for many years.

    My father wanted to name me something representative of his Gaelic heritage, since one of his parents was Irish. His every intention was to name me something that was representative of his heritage. He and my mother disagreed a lot over my name but in the end, since they were not married, my mother chose Caitlin Alicia over her initial intention (Rachel) and gave me her last name.

    My last name is my mother's maiden name and displays my very German heritage. It is "From Middle High German hane meaning "rooster". It was originally a nickname for a proud and pugnacious person." ;p
  15. Julia, was a name from Gone with the Wind, and my mother loved that book. She was named from that book, too.

    Jean, a middle name that EVERYONE HAD. My mom and one of her close friends both had that middle name, so they decided to give that to their daughters

    Rudes, has roots from France, but all my relatives are from Russia. It was longer, this is the shortened version. Some of my family has the name spelled "Rudis" so people say it correctly.
  16. Unfortunately for me, I have no grand story about how my parents came up with my given and middle name. In fact I was simply known as 'The Baby' for two weeks [I was the only child in my family at that time, my mother was an only child and my father was the eldest in his family, so I was the first grandchild on both sides of the family]

    I was supposed to be named after my father's grandmother, but thankfully my mother saw sense before it became official. My great-grandmother, as expected, had a rather old-fashioned name. Which left my parents back at square one.

    My father wanted to name me Madison, after the character from one of his favourite movies. I actually would have liked Madison better than what they actually named me, but Madison is now being saved as one of my daughter's middle names.

    So in the end of it, they decided to name me after each of them. My given name is after my mother, who was also named after her own mother. We only have a letter different between our names, so most people get our signatures mixed up unfortunately. My middle name is the English of my father's name, which is Spanish, though he isn't Spanish, nor is any of my family actually.

    So, that's how I came to be named!
  17. My dad named me Blake after the science fiction tv show: Blake 7. And my middle name, Sean, was named after Sean Connory. Not the most astounding origins of names, but oh well.
  18. My first-first name is the letter G and no, I'm not kidding, it's a pain in the neck when I want to do anything legal with the government. She gave me that letter for when I grow up because "It looks good on an office door plaque or on the cover of a book, lots of authors have initials in front of their names." To which I constantly have to remind her that "Those letters STAND FOR A NAME" D:<

    My second first name was from her friends and was popular at the time but the origins of Nicholas are Greek, meaning "Victory of the People." She likes to tell me that I should be a leader like a president or something as a joke >_>

    My middle name is James and I was named after my uncle (whom my mother was very close to), one day shy of a year before I was born, committed suicide and to honor him she gave me his first name as my middle name.

    My last name is my adoptive-father's surname which is just the name of some little town on the border of Italy and Switzerland on the Italian side of the border.
  19. Well if my mom had it her way I would be Katie Hester. Katie just because. Hester was her mother's name who died of cancer when my mom was 21. My dad came into the picture and that all changed. He had always dreamed of a little girl named Megan, or so I've been told. From there he took my mom's name and made that my middle name ssoo Elizabeth. My mother also likes my name because it means 'given over or consecrated to God' oorr so she says. My initials are MED.

    Now it gets fun. So MED, MD.. all medical. I've always wanted to be in the health field. I went to a health sciences academy in high school. I am now a health promotion major en route to a physician assistant school. All very interesting.
  20. My mother fancied my great grandmother's name Jo Hannah, but she wanted to modernize it. My first name is Hannah and Jo is my middle. (tbh I'd be totally cool with Jo. I like my middle name!) It means 'grace of god' but I'm terribly unchristian. It wasn't chosen for that reason anyways. /shrug