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  1. Yo, how's it going? 17 Year old role-player ready to make your acquittance here! I'm a huge fan-girl, and the things I'm usually interested in tend to be along the lines of:
    • Anime
    • Manga
    • Bands
    • T.V shows (Game of Thrones, How to get away with Murder, Scorpion, (More, but I don't feel like listing them tbh))
    • Kpop
    • Books
    I've been writing since I was 12?(Idk probably younger) I love writing but I can say I'm not the best at it, so I'm hoping I can improve with the help of this cite C:. I'm generally a really open minded role-player, so I'll do just about anything! If I don't respond to you, then it's either because I'm busy, or I haven't seen it yet, just give me some time. It's nice to meet all you lovely people, Can't wait to role-play with you guys!
  2. Well then, welcome! I like Scorpion too. :) It's so good. I've been reading since 3, and writing since 5. I've also been rping since 8, when I found out there was online and not putting on costumes and playing around.
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  3. Yeah I've been pretty obsessed with the show since it came out :p.

    And good to know that I wasn't the only one doing that at eight XD. I used to always run around the house and knock stuff over, needless to say my mom wasn't to pleased about that..:lipsrsealed:
  4. I used to play Wii. If you even TRIED to knock something over, it was bed time for you. My response to that, "NOOOOOOOO!" *runs away to dog's house*
  5. SAME! I'd always protest :3 *Joins you in dog house*
  6. *realizes dog house is outside* "Nope, bedroom." *re-runs to bedroom*
  7. Greetings, Starrynight! ^o^ Welcome to us!