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  1. What game or games are you playing right now?

    I'm in Rune Factory 2, Grandia 2, and a Minecraft world I'm playing with my bf's little sister
  2. Currently playing Final Fantasy XIV with @Smo
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  3. I'm playing Dota 2 right now, but I will eventually go back and finish up both Harvest Moon: New Beginning and Rune Factory 4 when I have the time.
  4. I'm playing Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, Dark Souls, and I've also been really into Town of Salem recently :)
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  5. a. World of Warcraft, because killing things with friends is fun. Even if the at-large community tends to not be so much.

    b. Diablo 3, because the new expansion has dramatically improved the game

    c. Guild Wars 2, because the living story interests me, even if I don't feel a strong attachment to the game

    d. ...that depends, does anyone want to play? I'm down for anything, so long as I own it. Strictly PC gaming.
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  6. Elder Scrolls Online.....that's it for now. I play with my b/f most of the time. Uhh I've also been playing Cooking Mama 3.
  7. Just finished the Stick of Truth a few minutes ago. Good game.
  8. Well. You could tell it was written by the people of South Park, and that's good. They've successfully taken their work and made it a game, so good for them!

    I've been busy playing Endless Space, Dishonored, and Space Engineers.
  9. Age of Mythology, DotA 2, Loadout, and Dungeon Defenders are what I've been playing the most lately.
  10. What she said ^
  11. Love me some harvest moon~<3 I haven't played Sunshine Islands in a while; I should pick that up again.
  12. recently I have only played SWTOR
  13. Mass Effect Trilogy

    Dark Souls 2

    Dragon Age: Origins
  14. Skyrim, Morrowind, Minecraft, and bit of Rome: Total War here and there. Skyrim and Morrowind being heavily modded, and Minecraft being of variable kinds of experience (sometimes SP, sometimes BTW, very rarely on this certain server, etc). I've been meaning to finish this playthrough of BioShock I've been stuck in these past four months, but ugh I already know how it ends, so I just... just... can't.
  15. I have nothing to play :( I beat all my 3DS games too fast...If I had a choice in the matter I would be playing Fez for Xbox. Indie Games totally do it for me. I'm withdrawing from skyrim hardcore.
  16. The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

    Really enjoying it too <3
  17. Say, hows the web slinging in that game, is he swinging from the moon, or is he actually swinging from buildings and such?
  18. It's great! He needs things to catch on now, and if their isn't, he makes a comment about how he 'can't just attach to nothing'. Everything about the new one is an 5x improvement from the last one.
  19. Dammit, now I need to try out this game, thanks a lot!
  20. Been playing a bunch of games here and there. Dark Souls, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, and Injustice: Gods Among Us in my free time. Lately, it's been FFVIX with @Seiji
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