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  1. "drop your glaze unless you wish to be force fed one eye at a time."

    Hello there You don't know me or my character ignore her she dislikes people and hates men.
    I'm Pendulum Ghost my OC over in the corner is Silvia. Say hello Silvia, yep she get me the finger.
    Her eyes glow Silver when she is pissed or high on emotions.
    She is actually a telekinesis lesbian werewolf if your curious. She wanted to come here and roleplay.
    How could I deny those demonic eyes of hers. Anyways my nightmares and I are eager to meet you all and get to roleplaying.
    Silvia is impatient and um......she ah can't properly control her telekinesis when she gets emotional.
    So good luck trying to tame her. (>_<)
  2. Telekinetic lesbian werewolf! XD Sounds good to me! Welcome to Iwaku player of Silvia! <3
  3. Silvia just turned away, and the lights in this place just exploded. She must have gotten embarrassed. And uncontrollable stuff like that happens. You should see what happens when she listens to heavy metal. *cringes* nice to meet you Diana. I'm not gonna even try to introduce emo girl she did enough damage without even trying.
  4. Telekinetic lesbian werewolf, you say?

    I do believe that we have one those in our lab... I shall go force Vay to find out for sure.

    Anyways, welcome to the forum. Don't feed the Chaoses...And be sure to go bowling down at Zypher's every third Friday.
  5. I wish I had one of those. Wait, what? o_O

    Welcome to Iwaku, Pen and Silvia! You and your telekinetic lesbian werewolf are most welcome into our humble home! I'd never thought I'd see the day when I'd say that sentence...

    If you have any questions, interests, or problems with house breaking Silvia, let me know! I'd be glad to help on two! :D