What would YOUR Iwaku Flag look like?

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  1. Cbox always comes up with fun topics. >:D


    A FLAG FOR IWAKU. What would it look like? What sort of colors or symbols do you think represents Iwaku's history and what it is NOW?

    MAKE A FLAG! You can use Paint or a fancy program! >:3 Show us what your flag would look like!

    Mine above has a plot bunny. XD The Iwaku "I" in a circle to represent how things keep going on. Green has been the default color of Iwaku for a color years now. I could prolly bullshit up a good reason for the bars. >:p

  2. The plot bunnies are members of the Green Lantern Corp?
  3. Could you imagine the Sinestro Corp plot bunnies?
  4. Just quickly done.... >> <<
    Flag Thing (open)

  5. Thats a flag?
  6. **Cries and tugs Diana's skirt**
    Vay's making fun of mine.
  7. Just that flags are usually striking and have lots of bright colours...
  8. You know what. Fine >:[

  9. I don't see VAY making any flags!

    I think he's jealous of our mediocre flagging talents! >:D
  10. [​IMG]

    simple elegant and looks good at a distance on top of a pole, those are the key factors.
  11. ... Serv'd.