What would you do?

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  1. If you didn't have to worry about paying bills and money were no option what would you do with your life? Most people want to make money, not enjoying their jobs just trying to pay bills. But if you take money out of the picture and say do what makes you happy even if it makes nothing what would it be? I'd write poetry and live in nature
  2. Become a hermit. Lots of animals and an internet connection, that's all I need.
  3. I agree with the general message of what Watts says.

    To be honest, I'd probably still do something that would give income in order to support two of my other loves that require it. However, my job wouldn't be a job to me.

    I love picture framing. Preservation of art. I used to be a framer and I've framed pieces and preserved them for private collections and galleries. Some of my stuff has even been put into museums (small ones). I've had the honor of framing 3 original Dali pen and ink drawings. I've shadow boxed a carving carved by a master carver from Africa that to my last knowledge was part of a private exhibit on African carvers and their culture.

    To me... -shakes hir head- That isn't a job. Framing to me is a love, a passion. It started out as a job, yes. But the more I got into it, the more I began to appreciate it. Everyone cherishes items. There's meaning behind everything and for someone to spend $200 to frame their child's "useless scribbles," shows that they care enough about those scribbles to have them preserved.

    No art is meaningless. No matter how useless, ugly or decrepit it might be. It doesn't have to be a Dali, a Warhol, or a Rembrandt. It doesn't have to be an Ansel Adams, a Paul Strand, or an Alfred Stieglitz. It can be anything from you or me.

    So what would I do? I'd be right back being a framer... and hopefully if things work out, that's exactly what may happen.
  4. I'd become a novelist. But since I'd probably fail miserably at that, I'd love to be a historian. Literally, I'd just want to go to grad school for a million years and then study history and teach history at the university level. Since this is also very expensive and probably out of the question because I'm probably not brilliant enough, realistically, I would love to work in a museum or archive. I love learning about, preserving, and thinking about the past and the objects that have survived the past and are still around in the present. And I think they're important and precious and it's necessary to not only preserve them and protect them, but also to understand them and spend time with them and analyze them and engage in debate about them.

    Yep. I'm a history major if no one could tell. :)
  5. I find this to be a trick question for me. I'm not most people and I intend to enjoy the job field I work at, ironically I picked a job field that is in many ways intentional poverty. I want to be a band director and a clergy member, maybe pastor if I get the right stuff going.

    Neither job is well paying on average, unless I become a con artist preacher.. then I'd go to hell u.u. All the same i find that i'd do this reguardless, but that's because I hate money and this damned communist government of ours.
  6. Wow, it's harder than I thought it would be to imagine my life without the struggle of paying for stuff. o__o

    Honestly, I don't think there's a whole lot I'd do differently. As long as my family is safe and taken care of, I don't really want anything more. I might travel more, that's about it. Though, that traveling would be just to see family if not just live nearer to them. I'd pack up my son [after he's born lol] and boyfriend, then we'd go live someplace we can be happier while also tying loose ends with my folks. Having my mother and siblings within reach would be awesome. I'm a newbie to motherhood, so their support means the world to me. *shrugs*

    And if any job could be promised to us without the issue of paying thousands of dollars for schooling, my son would eventually be able to say that his daddy is the best welder in the world and his mommy is a geologist. Unfortunately, we'll have to stay as a cook for Pizza Hut and a stay-at-home mom until money problems are...not so problem-y. xD
  7. Cat. We're actually the same person.
  8. I'd probably become a witch doctor. Gotta follow my family roots after all Lol