What Would James Bond Do?

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  1. So here I am, working customer service and I realize I need a new approach. So. Have decided that I shall now use James Bond approach to my customers. No, this doesn't mean blowing everything up. After all 007's first weapon is his charm, then his wit. So I ask you Iwaku what situations do you see this working and what would the result be?
  2. *Imagines admin work beong done James bond style...*

    .... *Sees a lot of people getting shot* o__o Uuuum...
  3. Wow... This is genius.


    I'd drive to work in my Q designed rocket car.

    Start the day by seducing the boss's secretary

    Continue the day by indirectly trolling my boss

    Get sent on a business trip to someplace exotic.

    Seduce the airline stuwardess.

    Check into my hotel

    stop by a hotel blackjack table

    Lose a bunch of money, but seduce the dealer in the process.

    Piss off a rival business owner who just so happened to be at the black jack table.

    Get sent a pair of evil room service folk on the good graces of the rival business owner mid seduction.

    Beat up both room service folk using nothing but a shoe and dental floss.

    Finish seducing table dealer.

    Seek out rival business owner.

    Find said rival business owner in an abandoned cave laboratory in the middle of the Sahara Desert.

    Get captured.

    Get strapped to a time delayed lazer grid guillotine that's about to chop my face off as the Rival business owner monologs his evil plans.

    Make a witty pun as the Rival business owner takes his leave.

    Seduce the executioner.

    Free self using nothing but the inset heart monitor of the GPS watch I just bought off amazon.

    Turn the lazer grid guillotine on an inconvient section of wall that happens to hold the laboratory's explosive oxygen reserves.

    Begin the Metroid styled base explosion count down.

    Track down the Rival business owner as he's about to board an escape rocket canoe

    Fight said rival business owner in an epic raft oar duel

    Best rival business owner, make a witty one liner at his expense.

    Board the escape rocket canoe.

    Burst out of the hidden cave laboratory just prior to epic explosion, saving the executioner all the while.

    Head back to hotel, extend stay period, have crazy executioner/table dealer romancings.

    Ignore phone as boss calls to ask where the hell I am.