What will happen next?



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What will happen next?

Two gangs, both consisting of the local school students, have controlled the city for a couple years now. The two gangs, however, fight constantly for supremacy over the entire city and to control the other gang. The one gang consists only of females, The Yasha; the other gang consists only of males, The Yatsu.

It is a new school year and those of major rankings in the two gangs with all the other students are moving to the new school recently built over the summer, however it just so happens to require all students live in dorms. Of course this wouldn't be bad if the dorms were separated by gender, however they are to be co-ed. One girl and one guy are assigned to a room and are required to attempt to get along. What does this mean for the two gangs that have sworn to defeat and conquer the other? Will one side break to the will of the other? Will this be a complete mess? Or will peace or a compromise finally be found between the two? Not likely but not impossible.


Name: Aamori Evangeline Del-Desotta
Nicknames: 'Mori
Gender/Gang Membership: Female-Yasha
Age: 18 and a half
Preferred Weapon Type: Fighting stick
Weapons: Hand-held pistol (Handbag size), Samurai sword(s) & throwing knives
Strengths: Strong willed, good one on one combat skills, 'Mori is a good ally and a deadly foe, she is an optimist.
Flaws: She can be bitter and excessively brutal, temperamental and careless.
Apperance: People generally underestimate 'Mori because she stands at only 5'2 and looks about 14. She is very petite, but well proportioned and muscled. She has bordering on albino-pale skin; complimenting her messy white gold hair which is cropped short and falls around her jaw line. The over all effect makes her look like a little beacon of light; a very dangerous little beacon of light...
She has a sweeping side fringe that covers her eyes and she is constantly brushing away from her oval shaped face so she can actually see, but she chooses not to get it cut because she was teased about her eyes when she was younger. They are a striking white-blue and look like ice shards and are a darker pale blue around the edges of her iris with a gold ring around her pupil. People used to fear her because of them and it is a sensitive subject. They're beautiful, just don't stare too long...
She is usually seen in bare feet no matter what the weather and feels more at home in a baggy Tee and skinny's or leggings than a dress or skirt. She feels that just because she doesn't display her femininity on her sleeve; doesn't mean she wants to be a dude. Don't mistake her for a tomboy, or she will kill you...
History: Aamori finish school with B's to A* and was going to study in either Tokyo or York before she joined the Yasha. Her mother and father gave her everything she wanted and spoiled her rotten until she turned 10 when they sent her to a boarding school for a year or so. Then she was off to a temple in Japan to train as a warrior for 6 years and specialized in karate and martial arts. She didn't want to train to be a master, but she was forced into it-like every other major decision in her life and if she was disobedient she was hit. She put up with everything till she turned 18 and got emancipated. Then took her share of her grandparents' fortune and moved to another city where she was going to catch up on all the exams she had missed so she could go to university and make something out of her life; but that was before the gang wars started...
Personality: Aamori has many little faucets to her personality and because of past experiences she can be quite temperamental and volatile She is the sort of optimist who will hope for sun when a hurricane is predicted and the majority of the time is happy and cheerful about something. But like with anything she has a darker side to her that she developed after her parents abandoned her in an English boarding school and then when they shipped her off to Japan. She became very bitter and ruthless over the years, but people don't tend to notice unless she's kicking their ass. Even though her parents treated her like crap for the past 8 and a half years, they brought her up on good morals and she will fight (in the literal sense sometimes) for what she believes in.
'Mori is cautious when she is around people she doesn't know and always on guard. She was never nurtured or given attention when she was in Japan, as far as anyone was concerned she was an orphan, because no-one ever saw her parents (though they were very much alive) it was like they had just... forgotten about her and moved on with their lives. So Aamori was left to put on a brave face and fend for herself, with a little money coming from her parents' bank account every so often to keep her alive. So now she doesn't take anything for granted. She is kind-hearted, and slow to judge people she meets-analyzing them from every angle before she decides what to think of them. But you should be careful, once you're on her wrong side... You're staying there.
Other: Aamori's favorite colour is white or blue-anything pale or cheerful and because of travelling round as an infant, she can speak fluent English, French and a little Japanese. She always carries some sort of sharp implement with her; which she learnt the hard way and has the scars to show for it. Even though she likes her baggy tees and leggings, she actually feels quite comfy in her fighting gear and she can eat her own body weight in food.


Name: Aron Everett

Nicknames: Kuro (meaning "dark")

Age: 17

Gender/Gang Membership: Male / Yatsu

Preferred Weapon Type: Sword

Weapons: Masamune sword (6.5 ft. long), throwing knives/kunai

Strengths: Quick observation, loyalty, excellent swordsmanship, and optimism

Flaws: Never shows his true feelings or speaks of his past. He is a perfect liar; he puts on a façade of cheerfulness to hide the darker emotions beneath.

Appearance: Aron has light golden-blonde hair that is cut just slightly longer than average. In the front where it is shorter, it hangs silkily around his face, with a few longer strands reaching his jaw-line. The back has slightly more length to it; it stops around the bottom of his neck. The style has a few short layers mixed throughout that give it an edgy texture. The color itself is an attractive light blonde, lighter than honey but darker than white-gold. In the sunlight, his few natural highlights become more visible and give depth to the color. Aron's eyes are probably his most noticeable feature; they are a bright, almost electric cerulean color that demands attention. They are slightly large for his face, but they give him an air of gentle innocence that makes others tend to want to trust him. His eyes are almost always shining with some kind of emotion, but he has become skilled at making those emotions unreadable. To most people, his eyes appear to convey happiness, as he wants them to believe. Aron's skin is a pure ivory tone and is practically flawless. Its translucent color is due to the fact that he rarely gets sun.
Aron has a very slender build that tends to make people underestimate his strength. He stands around 5'9", not too tall or short for a boy of his age. His willowy, almost delicate build, however, hides a strength that should not be taken lightly. Years of sword training have built his muscles in a very subtle way that quickly becomes obvious when he is fighting. Aron's arms and legs are fairly skinny as well, but he uses his unimpressive appearance to his advantage.
Aron usually sticks to schoolboy-type clothing. A white button-down shirt with a loosened tie, black pants, and dressy-casual shoes are his typical outfit. But he also has a favorite trench coat which he sometimes dons in cooler weather.

Personality: Someone's first impression of Aron would be that he is an extremely happy kid. He is almost always smiling. At least 99% of the time, he has a cheerful, carefree smile on his face. He is the kind of person who could be in an incredibly difficult situation, and just make a joke out of it. In fact, he is often found joking around and teasing others in a big-brother way. For some people, this can become extremely annoying, but others just take it in stride. Aron tends to have the kind of aura that would brighten up a room on a rainy day. His optimism and carefree manner are contagious; even people who find his attitude irritating can't help but smile inside when Aron is around. His whimsical, erratic nature is hard to ignore, and hard to hate. However, there is a reason for this attitude that he has adopted. Because of his dark past, Aron has trained himself to cover up his still-painful memories and emotions with this false persona of cheerfulness. It's almost impossible to tell what he is really feeling behind that ever-present smile, and that's how he intended it to be. Aron never speaks of his past, and avoids any questioning about it. On rare moments that he allows his mask of happiness to slip, he will make disturbingly cryptic remarks that give hints to his real personality. Despite this, no one has really been able to decode him yet.

History: Unknown. When asked, Aron will only say – with a smile – that his parents died long ago. The truth is, they were killed in front of him, but it's not something he's willing to share.

Other: Aron loves granny-smith apples. They're the only kind he'll eat.
He can speak a tiny bit of Japanese, having lived there for a short time.
When fighting, Aron always wears a white blindfold. No one really knows why, but he says he can fight better with it on.
I think I might join. I really like your plot idea 8D
Only catch is that I get a little bit distracted far too easily so it'll take me a while to read your bios and come up with my own. I'm thinking I'll play a gay boy in the Yatsu gang, if that's permitted?
That is fine, and yes it's permitted :)
And with puddings remark it is almost ruined for me...almost.
Welp~! Here's my boys! PM me if anything needs tweaking?

[dash=white]Name: Yamaguchi Mamoru

Nicknames: Momo

Age: 18

Gender/Gang Membership: Male / Yatsu

Preferred Weapon Type: The kind that breaks bones!

Weapons: Metal rod (2 feet), his fists.

Strengths: Speed. It's hard to keep up with Mamoru, let alone land an attack on him. He's flexible as well, making it easy for him to dodge attacks.

Flaws: He doesn't like fighting! He favors talking it out over physicalities. Also, he's not very strong. He's got a good swinging arm for beating people with a rod or his fists but in a hand-to-hand struggle, he'd probably lose.


Five feet, six inches. Mamoru dyed his hair blonde, not to announce his deliquency, but because his mother was a blonde. His eyes are a dark shade of blue, thanks to his mother's genes, and he even has her pale complextion. Unfortunately, he inherited his father's Japanese traits like the shape of his eyes and nose. He's almost never seen without his thick-rimmed, stylish glasses which he needs in order to read the countless books he owns. He's always taken the effort to dress richly with pricy clothing like vests and dress shirts, a touch of fem somewhere in his outfit.

Personality: Always the peacemaker, getting his younger brother out of trouble if he can help it, Mamoru is a gentle person at even his worst times. But, should the occasion call for it, he can easily shut off his conscious and become a brutal assailant, especially if Little Brother is in danger!

History: After his mother passed away in his sixth grade of schooling, Mamoru watched as his younger brother, Kenzo, grew to be a violent, angry young man. With their father busy with yakuza matters, Mamoru was left to take care of Kenzo all on his own. He quickly became a replacement parent for the younger boy, always rescuing him and scolding him for being an idiot. It's no wonder Mamoru looks a little older than his age - he's had to grow up far too quickly!

Other: Um... he likes boys?[/dash]

Name: Yamaguchi Kenzo

Nicknames: Ken

Age: 17

Gender/Gang Membership: Male / Yatsu

Preferred Weapon Type: Sword

Weapons: Kendo stick, white oak tachi-bokken sword, Meitou katana.

Strengths: He excels at parrying and returning blows. He's been trained in the art of swordsmanship since the fifth grade and was a champion in the Kendo Club at his previous high school.

Flaws: He's the very definition of brash and his over inflated ego is most definitely the reason for it. Hotheaded boys often bite off more than they can chew. He smokes and drinks too much, meaning he's usually only at fifty percent in the morning.


Five feet, eight inches. A brunette with natural wave, Kenzo doesn't put much into his appearance. He often just rolls out of bed and leaves it at that! Unlike his brother, his eyes are brown like their father's but once again, he gained his mother's complextion. He's not as uptight as his brother is, often wearing comfortable, baggy clothes like wraps, sweaters, jeans, and band t-shirts.

Personality: Brash, bratty, perverted, and full of himself! He's the complete opposite of Mamoru, always looking for trouble, always looking for a fight. He smokes, he drinks, he cusses and walks around with a swagger like no other. He may look cute and cuddly but really, let's face it: he's an ass!

History: After his mother's death, he became a very angry, aggressive young man as a way to vent his frustrations. Despite how he acts when Mamoru gets on his case, he's actually really close to his brother. With their father practically ignoring them, Kenzo depends on his older brother as his only source of love and companionship and more than once he's gotten out of control with worry when Mamoru was sick or injured.

Other: Umm... he's bi?[/dash]
Name: Ray Wolf-pack

Nicknames: Okami Jigoku ( Wolf of Hell), Blood-Wolf

Age: 17

Gender/ Gang Membership: Male/ unaffiliated (see history.)

Preferred weapons: His Katana, and .45ACP STI Tac 5.0 doublestack 1911 pistol.

Weapons: Lots of guns knifes and swords...even a few bows.

Strengths: Combat (any kind), problem solving, math, reading people, and writing.

Flaws: Socially awkward.

This is him in his training gear.

Usually wearing all dark colors, and always wearing a cross even though you don't always see it. When he has his shirt off you can see a giant 13-tailed Wolf tattooed on his back. He's 6' 4" with a medium build.

Personality: Secretive, never really successful at making friends.

History: A new transfer student from the US he is a very skilled person. Knows several languages and has a great educational back-ground. Unfortunately his social life is not something to be desired. His social life was not often very social, Ray had gotten caught up in an unknown criminal organization known as the Ambassadors, they were the one's that settled every thing between mobs in the US. Getting out of the organization he transferred to this little unknown but highly recommended school in hopes of escaping further blood shed. He was emancipated at 14 when he had a successful job as a gunsmiths apprentice. He just moved there so he doesn't know anything about the female, male gang rivalry and may have his not so desirable past come crashing down on him.

(PS... Does not like other guys!)
Not being a hater. As long as your guys don't hit on me I has no problems with gays.
Question for GM!

Will you be assigning us roommates or can we pick our own?
I might join. Curently working on two Yasha members - A smart one, and a boy lookalike
Just ask and I'll see if it'll work :D
But it has to be co-ed dorms :P
And great bios :)
Can aamori be the room mate of Yamaguchi.
I think it could have interesting results xD
Name: Alexandra Heart
Nicknames: 'Alex'
Gender/Gang Membership: Female-Yasha (Looks like a guy
Age: 17
Preferred Weapon Type: Any Non-Lethal
Weapons: Fists
Strengths: She's skilled in unarmed combat, and is often very determined, and loyal to her friends and side. She also has a sense of honour,
Flaws: She's bad at communicating, and prefers to not to involve others in her business. She also doesn't always know when to give in, such as when odds are against her. Some also say her honour can be a flaw.
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Appearance: Standing at 5'11 and with an athletic but somewhat flat build, it can be easy to understand why Alex is often mistaken as a boy, something she is sometimes convinced to use to her advantage. Her hair is a reddish brown, and cut short with a fringe that falls across the right side of her face when left alone. When she needs to see she'll keep it back with a strip of material. Her eyes are a warm green, and she often wears an indifferent look, making what she's thinking difficult to decipher.
Her clothes typically consist of a pair of boys jeans along with a plain shirt, and a long black jacket. When expecting a fight she'll often wear a pair of fingerless gloves to support and protect her hands. Underneath her shirt, what little figure she has is often bound.
History: She was raised by her father, her mother dying when she was young. Her father was competitive and often encouraged her to do her best. He enrolled her in a local judo club when she was old enough, because it was different from other sports available. However when he began to realise she was good at it, he began encouraging her to join other martial arts and to do her best in a competitive sense, even though it meant her schoolwork occasionally suffered. She just accepted it, wishing to please her father.
She became involved in the Yasha while she was still quite young and trying to find a real life use for the abilities she'd picked up. While she hasn't disclosed the fact to her father, she doesn't think he'll really care, or in fact that he would merely see it as 'extra practice'.
Personality: Alex is quite, and tends to keep her thoughts to herself. While this gives others the impression of being cold, she is actually quite kind-hearted, and cares about others, and is merely shy, or doesn't want to involve others in her problems.
Years of martial arts training have caused her to have quite a strong sense of honour and fairness. She won't hit an important who's down, or take advantage of someone's weakness. Even if someone resorts to dirty fighting against her she refuses to do things that would 'break rules' or be seen as dishonourable, something people think can be quite stupid. She also tries to hurt someone only to the point that is necessary, even if they themselves would do worse, refusing to be brought down to their level.
She dislikes lying, but isn't beyond neglecting to mention a point, though she'll often answer honestly if asked directly. The main example of this is the fact she comes across as a boy, and while when asked directly she admit to being a girl, if it's useful she won't bother to correct any mistakes otherwise. She is loyal and protective other her friends and the Yasha, and following them are the only times she doesn't need a direct, good, reason to fight.
Other: She is often persuaded to use the fact she's mistaken as a boy to trick new Yatsu members into giving information, or to just mislead them.
She is friends with Karen, and often listens to her, despite it appearing to be a bad idea at times.
Name: Karen Woods
Nicknames: -
Gender/Gang Membership: Female-Yasha
Age: 17
Preferred Weapon Type: Ranged
Weapons: A small handgun, along with a few hidden knives
Strengths: She's intelligent, and skilled at tactics, as well as reading and tricking persuading people
Flaws: She can be cruel and heartless at times, and will think first and foremost about herself, before helping anyone else. Useless at fighting
Appearance: She's around 5'5, and has quite a slim, non-assuming build. Black hair falls just past her shoulders, and is tied back into a high ponytail, leaving only a few strands to fall free on either side of her face. She has blue eyes, skilled at tricking others, and is often seen smiling, or wearing some other 'innocent' face, hiding her true intentions.<o:p></o:p>
Her clothes are often simple and unpredictable One day she could be wearing a shirts and cute t-shirt, next she'll be in jeans and a leather jacket. The one thing that is always consisted is the large stone pendant she wears around her neck, though it isn't for sentimental reasons. Hidden inside is a USB drive she uses to store tactics and data.
History: Karen has led a boring and simple life, at least according to her. She has two elder brothers who care for her deeply, though whether she feels the same way isn't know, and was always the smartest of the three. Moving easily through school she has high predictions and expectations from her teachers, though her thoughts on it herself are undisclosed.<o:p></o:p>
She joined the Yasha to break free from the 'good girl' image people often pinned her with, though it doesn't stop her trying to use it to her advantage when she thinks it'll be useful.
Personality: Karen is a sweet, caring girl who is always willing to help others. She can always be trusted, will always do the right thing and is the perfect role model...
...at least she pretends to be. Intelligent, Karen uses a good reputation and an innocent façade to deceive people, and get them to lower their guard. She is no stranger to lying or trickery and merely seems them as tools to help her get what she wants. She is also good a reading people, and pressing them in the right way to get information or certain reactions.
She is skilled at tactics, whether or not they contain deceit, though she is not afraid to use cruel or potentially harmful methods if it means acquiring a goal, which will occasionally make others shy away from using them. It's not that she herself is mean, she just believes that as long as you reach your target it doesn't matter how you get there, and often crueller ways are more efficient.
Other: She is often the one persuading Alex, and other Yasha members, to do things they may not otherwise to, such as using Alex's looks to their advantage. She also tries to avoid active fighting, instead directing the others from the back.
Name: Juri Chitose

Nickname: Chika

Age: 16

Gender/Gang Membership: Female/Yasha

Preferred Weapon Type: Projectiles

Weapon: Slightly oversized kusarigama; throwing knives

Strengths: Fast and stealthy, watch your back!

Flaws: A bad attitude plus the typical insecurities of a teenage girl. Sucks at schoolwork.

Appearance: About 5'3", her hair is always styled differently each day with attention into making look just the right amount of messy. She wears the uniform from her previous school, the skirt shorter than regulation length.

Personality: Sassy and in your face. Mostly concerned with her appearance, fighting, and having some fun. The later two are often one in the same. She loves a challenge in battle and faces opponents with a cocky and overly confident attitude. Her tone and manner of speaking is always rude even with her friends, and though she gives the impression of being a bad person she's actually loyal and kind when it comes to those she's close to.

History: She was raised by strict parents who taught her martial arts but she could never quite live up to their expectations, in both the dojo and in school. She ended up becoming a delinquent who didn't have to worry about what people thought of her. She joined Yasha because she found friends among the members, and it sounded like fun.