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What were the best settings/locations you've playe

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minibit, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. What were the best settings/locations you've played in, and what made them great?

    I did a fey-world RP once, the setting was Avery slightly modified Earth, but on a very tiny scale. It was fun to treat bugs, grass roots, mushroom spores, and spiderwebs totally differently than with human size characters

    I'm also doing a sort-of apocalyptic RP with @AngelFish where the continents are inhabited by angels and Demons, and the seas have dried up, so humanity's remnants live in what used to be the oceans and seas; too cool.
  2. Oh goodness. I'm actually playing in one right now with @Coma! It's a post-apocalyptic Earth returned to after 97 years from a nuclear explosion! :D

    What makes it great? I don't know. I just love post-apocalyptic settings. And the fact that there are survivors and stability, that's a cool thing too.
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  3. Almost certainly it was the roleplay setting I had created and Gm'd on another site called "Aurora". The process I had taken to actually think of the setting was such that it ended up being a pretty unique world, in my opinion, with aspects that added up to a fantastical and wondrous setting.

    For example, the fact that Aurora is not a place of continents and seas like most fantasy settings. The world is instead made up of an infinite and flat ocean with an equally infinite sky above it. Small spherical worlds with their own gravity and climates float in this sky, turning in place. Instead of a moving sun in the distance, there is a massive source of light that simply ignites and extinguishes to simulate day and night cycles.

    Given the high variety of worlds, countless ideas could be included, not to mention characters. The creation "myth" to the world too was quite unconventional, I'd like to think. It got to the point where we had so much information to the setting that we decided to try our hand at making a wikia for the roleplay. Even then, so much of it had yet to be put in before the roleplay unfortunately died (though I am currently co-writing a book in the setting with @Bootfist).
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  4. It was a setting I ended up falling in love with. I designed a race and sphere that went with it that never actually got it's big reveal, but I still ended up loving them for their great connection to a fundamental part of Aurora. One thing that Aurora did that I'd never seen executed before was Mana being a physical substance one could actually touch, and the dynamic it had with the rest of the universe of Aurora. Though it wasn't explored as much in the roleplay, it was likely intended to be explored later on. Hell, there were a ton of aspects of the universe that were never explained in the roleplay even though they were part of Aurora's grand designs.

    Since the story was just too great to drop and we both really want to read it, we thought we might as well write it, you know?
  5. It was on a forum that got taken down, so I can't remember the name of the world.

    All I know is that it was an interesting blend of fantasy and mechanics. Basically, there was magic use in the world, but only one person on the planet could have any given power. Only when they died did the power go to the next person born. (Like the Avatar cycle on a wider, more random scale.) The major issue was that there was an empire that was trying to 'unite' the world by taking over all of it. They were rounding up the world's magic users, and forcing them into the army or jail.

    So he had a character that was the world's technomancer. He could control technology. Cars, weapons, etc, etc. The guy was a sweethearted, idealistic goof sent to try and stop a war from an encroaching empire. He wanted it to be an adventure like the tales he'd read, with a ragtag group of heroes...

    My character was one that was the world's empath. Her power was an invisible one, but even so, she went into hiding on a small island. She was the first to meet the adventurer...

    On the way, they met an old sharpshooter, and tried to assassinate the local military leader. They quickly recruited a castle cook who had skills with poison... but quickly discovered that the general they were sent to kill was not human... So yeah, the story stopped with the addition of the chef's little sister, who was the world's aeromancer...

    Basically, the world was very well thought out, had definite rules but there was plenty of flexibility for us to mess around with things. His main character was awesome. Very good- natured, sociable, but sometimes a little too idealistic. Up until the point where a fight needed to happen, when he showed just why he was sent on the mission in the first place.

    I don't remember character names, but I DO remember the other player's username.


    If you're out there, Ren... throw me a line! *crosses fingers and sees if the universe will deliver*
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  6. A little while ago, I was part of a RP that revolved around a world that was everchanging. Any inhabitants, with the will and heart to do it, could change sections just by thought.

    What made it great? Every person in the RP had a section of the world that they could change, so it was set as like a survive-everyone-else sort of thing. It really got interesting when you killed one of the other controllers, because you would gain their section, so eventually one of us had control of like half of the world, but no one knew it, they just kinda went with everything because all the fights happened in a chat, so then it would be like sending a message to the other person," You need to say this now" sort of thing. It got so wild I'm tempted to start it up again.....
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  7. I would say Vinheim, a wonderfully vast medieval fantasy world that was the setting for a nation roleplay I participated in, but unfortunately the IC never came to be so I technically never "played" in it. Even so, it was an amazing and fun experience for a world builder such as myself and the setting is one I will not soon forget~

    I suppose the best setting (that I indeed participated in) was the world of a Warrior's Hymn, an older roleplay from a previous site. What made it so great was its fantasy elements given energy through music and songs, instruments and sounds. Large flying beasts (with the appearance of colorful whales) called Sonatas were basically the equivalent of natural disasters, but there was one thing that could not only repel the Sonatas but also silence their harsh requiem for good: Hymn Blades. Hymn Blades were bladed weapons that, when swung or when striking an object, made the sound of an instrument and caused some minor, yet noticeable phenomenon (i.e. still water suddenly rippling, leaves falling off a healthy tree, a small drizzle on a cloudless day). And, of course, the weapons themselves had some nice special ability, like a claymore that was as light as a feather for its user but was heavier than a horse for the enemy, or a rapier that was able to stab things more than five meters away from its wielder, or even a scimitar that glowed with such heat that armor and other blades melted when struck by it (without damaging the user, of course).

    The wielders of the Hymn Blades were a lot like ronin samurai or mercenaries, and the land itself felt like a colorful and musical feudal Japan. I don't quite remember what the plot of the roleplay was, but the setting stuck with me for a while.
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  8. Played a flick where a soldier and a spy where friends loyal to their city but where also competing against each other unknowingly. While their goals where similar their methods where conflicting.

    And when romance was added to the mix drama ensued.

    What made it awesome was that it was set in the time of the Aztec Triple Alliance. This is a setting that is as rich as any other and it is a shame it does not get the love it deserves.
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