What up...again?

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  1. ok, I've been dubbed a lurker (Oh hte noes!!) and I need to get my zeal for Rping again. I'm welcome to any idea, setting, length, or style. Come to me with a descent idea and I'll reward you with a loyal RP partner. I don't care if it's mature, childish, noobish or brain straining, hit me up and you'll have my answer.
  2. How do you feel about a fantasy world (preferably medieval or 17th century era) where there's a reward out for whoever can bring a magical artifact back to the King of the set country first? Adventurers from pretty much everywhere flock and compete to seek it out and much awesome abides.

    PM me for mor details? <3 I have other ideas if that doesn't tickle your fancy

    PS I've been dubbed a lurker too =(