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What Tv Shows should Diana watch off Netflix and Amazon?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. When I dun wanna be socialable anymore and I just wanna be lazy, I crawl in my bed and watch shows!

    I usually like to watch silly sitcoms or shows with fantasy, scifi, supernatural, or just generally unrealistic premises. I don't like soap operas, dramas, or reality shows. D: I also like anime, but that's a whoooole different topic. >>;

    I am looking for some new things to watch! O_O I like a variety of things to bounce around to. What would yooooooou recommend for me to watch?

    Some shows I really love:
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Game of Thrones
    Ghost Whisperer
    How I Met Your Mother
    My Name is Earl
    Once Upon a Time
    Secret Circle
    Teen Wolf
    Vampire Diaries

    Um that's all I can think of at the moment. >>;

    I'd like your suggestions! 8D Maybe I will find a new TV love!
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  2. Boardwalk Empire. Not sure if Dianers will like it though. It's about prohibition era Atlantic city/Jersey/Chicago. The characters are freaking amazing.
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  3. go on netflix and watch breaking bad, you'll watch 4 seasons in one night
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  4. I second this. One of the best shows ever made. From start to finish.
  5. The Walking Dead's mid-season finale was better than Breaking Bad's
  6. Diana should watch more Sesame Street. It's the only way she'll finally figure what number comes after 12.
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  7. Sherlock

    (If you like anime) kenichi the mightiest disciple and Chobits

    How I Met Your Mother

    Stargate Sg-1

    Dr who
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  8. I also recommend Breaking Bad. The final episode for it is insane, man. You'll love the whole thing. I saw Sherlock and How I Met Your Mother mentioned, too. Those are good shows.

    Other good ones are Continuum, New Haven, House of Cards, and Dexter. :3
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  9. Most def Breaking Bad. Omg awesome.
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  10. Zombie Ass. Chanter will vouch with me on this. You will regret nothing and accept everything afterwards.
  11. I already told her everything that she needed to know about Zombie Ass. Also, that's a movie.

  12. Transformers: Beast Wars
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  13. Yes, Dr. Who. Is epics bru.
    Samurai Pizza Cats (it about a bunch of cats that fight giant robots and things in Little Tokyo. They have no love for the fourth wall.)
    One Upon A Time in Wonderland
    The Originals (a vampire diaries spin off)
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  14. Alright, I'ma pull a Netflix suggestion box thing. Judging by the shows you like I would suggest Kyle XY. It was a really great series for its run.
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  15. For shows I would say Breaking Bad, Dracula - a new show that's just full of awesome, and if you like cop shows Almost Human

    For anime I'd say Gintama, it's the best!
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  16. Leverage

    Everybody Loves Raymond (scarily enough it reminds me a LOT of my family x_X)


    Dr. Who

    Merlin (though i've never seen it per say my one friend LOVES it)

    should TOTALLY watch The Magic School Bus :p it's on netflix

    The IT crowd

    Battlestar Galactica
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  17. Mystery Science Theater 3000.
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  18. Dirty Jobs & Mythbusters
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  19. So many nice suggestions. >:3 Some of these are already on my too watch list too!
  20. I don't see White Collar on your list. You like crime drama-type shows, right?