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okay, well:

i'm rebecka. i've been role playing for the last year. i'm obviously new here... but i love to write. i'm not all that great at it, but maybe one day i'll be able to write about my life and publish it as a book. who knows. i mean, i did start it; only because i was bored one day and i wanted to see how much of it i could accomplish. 2 chapters, not bad. i could do better though.

i'm into heavy metal music, rock, classic rock, and a bit of pop and r&b.
i like to read mysteries and anything with vampires in it.

of course, every girl has this totally crazy dream that maybe one day they'll find that 'guy' and that 'guy' will show her everything it is, to be 'in love' with the other person. i have yet to find it. i have yet to find that guy that gives me that comfort at night and that sincere look in his eyes. i know it sounds crazy, but i kind of crave the romance they have in movies.

yeah, so... i'm 22 and that's all. if i write anymore, it won't leave anything for you guys to figure out on on your own.

looking forward to writing and role playing with ya'll. OH. i am from canada. <<
Diana thinks she knows you and if you're an RPer she'll eat you right up!

Others will also wish to do the same. Not everyone will be so figurative.

Welcome to Iwaku.
Welcome to the site.

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Welcome and Hi Hi Hi! :D :D I'm new as well so hopefully we'll both have fun here! :D