What to do when it's (literally) hell on Earth.

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  1. I recently learned that last month was the hottest month in the United States' history (or however long we've been keeping track).

    It certainly felt like the hottest month in memory. I was pretty much glued to a water bottle whenever I was outdoors, and inches away from the AC when I was indoors.

    What I want to know: how in the hell did you handle the heat wave/drought? Know any horror stories of people being eaten alive by the sun? Or just bursting into flames?
  2. I hid in my basement with the AC blasting. Didn't go outside.

    It was a nice month :P
  3. The heat still persists here.. finally got a little rain... not enough though.. So far Isabellas have been watering plants like crazy and just gained a super heat tolerance... Isabellas work in temps over 100 indoors.. It is gross...

    We had 9 days in a row over 100 with the hottest day at 108.. Did not beat last years 110 though.
  4. I live in Sweden and for the most years we have a deadly heat but this year we have had a very cold summer :/ So I have hidden in my room because it's too cold T-T between 25-35 degrees is what I am used too but this year it doesn't goes over 25 degrees that often xb Stupid weather!!!
  5. We had to pay 400 bucks for our Utilities for June so I suspect July will be even worse. >:[

    Fuck you, summer. I hate you and I wish you were dead. >:[
  6. Isabellas are moving to Sweden now.. 35C would be nice after 43C..
  7. I am a desert creature, you all just suck.
  8. Walking outside is like being smothered with a hot, wet blanket. Sure it storms once a day, but that just makes it even more humid. And temps in the 90s and 100s with 100% humidity and not raining is notfun >.<

    AC is essential. Thank goodness I work in a kitchen with good AC otherwise I would melt away.
  9. We only have a AC in my mom's room, so we barely get to use it.

    I've been taking 2+ purely cold showers.

  10. I love the heat. >:[

    I usually run to keep cool, as strange as that seems. I like wind. Not AC. Wind.
  11. I'm albino in real life and as such i hate the heat because it brings more sun which gives me sunburns. So when it get's to hot to go outside I do a lot of activities early in the morning, waking up early, get my stuff done, then I move on with my life because it's not worth the pain. I also find that since I am in College Marching Band I'm immune to the actual 'heat'. The exasperation most feel when the sun beats on them doesn't occur for me. I attribute this to lots of water, drink, drink, dirink. As much water as you can possibly put into your system.