What to do if the GM vanishes

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  1. Random discussion open for all thoughts.

    So several times I've been in roleplays or in roleplay's-to-be (everyone has characters, IC never started) and the GM just vanishes!

    So this thread is to chat about if it is fair or not to continue the roleplay without the GM, and how people should go about doing so without just hijacking a roleplay.​
  2. Once I joined an rp in which the GM disappeared before it had even started. In the end we decided to make a temporary thread and play with our characters there until the GM returned, and then the GM could decide if they would want us to continue in that thread or start from the beginning. Personally I think this is a completely reasonable thing to do if the GM disappears before the roleplay even starts and everyone are excited to start it. It gives the GM a say in it if they come back, but it also gives the players a way to start and get into their characters while waiting.

    If the roleplay has already started when the GM disappears, then I think it's completely okay to continue if they don't return within a few weeks. Just like people should be able to continue even if one character disappears suddenly in the middle of a talk and doesn't return for a few weeks, the players should be able to continue playing even if the GM has abandoned the game. The only time I would say it's not okay is if the GM has logged in and said "I will be gone for a while because of this reason so we will put this rp on hold until I can return if everyone are still interested then." Or "I cannot continue this rp any longer and will close it."

    If no information is brought to the players about the GMs whereabouts, then I see no reason for them to not keep going if they really like the game and it doesn't seem like their GM is coming back. Then if the GM comes back a few months later it's just to give them information about how the plot has moved forward, and then they can decided to get back in and take command again if they wish. Or maybe you make an agreement to jump back to where the GM disappeared because the GM wanted it to go into another direction.

    Of course, one should always try to contact the GM first and see what's going on and why they're not replying any longer. This is just if they don't answer at all and doesn't log in anymore. In the end it's up to everyone in the rp to make a democratic decision, do we want to continue without the GM or do we want to stop and hope for the GM to come back? The GM is the absolute authority when it comes to their roleplay, but once they are gone, personally I believe it's up to the people in the rp to decide together what to do if the GM has given no instructions of what to do in case of their sudden disappearance.

    Edit: Though if you want to be respectful and wait for the GM but also continue, you can always create a new thread for the rp and continue from where you are, but then go back to where you were when the GM disappeared. That way you don't have to fear hurting the GM's feelings by hajiking their game completely as the main thread will be as it was when they left.
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  3. Look up The Pheraxis Saga: Lichdom. You'll find that after the first, eh, two pages, the GM @Solistor vanishes. No idea why, never heard from him since. We tried a reboot when the original went down, but it failed. I try not to judge the guy since we never figured out exactly WHY he left, and then I realize he gave us absolutely no heads up, and then I get angry again.
  4. Yeah. Sometimes they just seem to vanish altogether. Not like it's probably their fault, but still.
  5. Redblood said pretty much everything I would have! O__O

    And if I am gonna take a plot word for word by a GM that's going, I would reference and link the old roleplay in the new one. >> That way you are giving full credit to it's original creator.
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  6. As the aforementioned jackass in Philosoraptor's post, I personally feel that if the GM leaves then it's open for the players to do with what they will until such time that either the GM returns or the RP dies out. The GM provides a direction, but I believe that it's mostly the characters that drive the story. As far as continuations go, I was part of an RP on a different site that petered out because the GM ran off, but the person who took up the helm for the "revival" thread was so in tune with the lore and universe that it practically felt as though the GM never left at all. Sometimes, if a group of players feels strongly about an RP, their pure inspiration and cooperation can drive an otherwise abandoned story.

    @The Philosoraptor (and everyone who was part of Pheraxis, honestly) - I apologize, for what little it's worth. I think I ended up writing that RP at the edge of my fluctuating interest cycle, at a time when my interest in roleplaying was decreasing. Of course, reason for that was I was smack-dab in the middle of a bunch of family drama, but it was still irresponsible of me and I feel bad that I ended up just dropping off the face of the earth with zero warning. When I returned to Iwaku, after a relighting of my interest in roleplaying, I found that Pheraxis had died and immediately felt like the worst kind of douche. Take this apology for what you will, but I hope it offers something resembling closure because I honestly do feel bad about dropping it so soon after launch. I didn't try to apologize then because I felt like it wouldn't matter. I was still "that asshole who left us after two pages" and nothing was going to change that, so I figured that letting you guys move on was the better solution. Didn't even strike me that at least sending out some kind of response would have been better, but I'm not exactly known for making good choices, am I?

    tl;dr (open)

    I left because of family bullshit, and I'm sorry even if my words mean nothing anymore. I was irresponsible and a jackass and I feel bad for leaving you guys hanging.

    I'm also sorry for necroposting but I felt like these guys deserved an explanation after noticing the mention in my alerts
  7. I'd say either vote for a new GM, or perform the GM job as a group; it might take a little longer to discuss and decide things instead of one person calling the shots, but it's fair and gets things done
  8. Personally, I've seized a few RP's that have done that. I wasn't try to be a jerk, but the GM disappeared, and we were confused what to do, so we started doing things on our own, and I led the charge, so I ended up being the new GM. I was pretty well established in the RP anyways, so everyone accepted it. Pretty much RP's quickly get notable players, and one of them should take up the mantle in my opinion if he's completely gone.

    The Gm's generally thanked me when I came back because my goal was to keep it alive, not redo it or screw up anything he'd done.