What They Didn't Tell You

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FAMILY SECRETS. Do you have them? Is there something you know is a big secret with your family, but no one is telling you what is it? Have you ever discovered a big secret and was baffled about it? Or told a family secret and wish you never knew?

What family secret are YOU keeping or will be keeping from your future family?

So all growing up, my grandmother would very very rarely talk about her family. She is the only member on my mom's side of the family we knew (aside from my mom's brother and sister). Sometimes she would talk about her brothers and uncles. And there was always these weird "and they died/were killed" moments that never really made any sense and she never gave much explanation too.

And then a couple years ago after the old woman had a really bad heart attack and couldn't get out of bed, she finally confessed to my Mom that the reason we didn't know her side of the family was because they are part of a Mob family. x____x She ran away from the family because they wanted her to marry someone she didn't want to marry.

Thus SO MANY things were explained about my family and suddenly made sense.... o___o
My father's family got kicked out of Ireland...then Scotland. Something to do with stealing livestock I think. x__x;
This is such an awesome thread.

I have nothing to contribute, however. D:
Ancestor was a Mediterranean pirate who kidnapped, held for ransom, fell for and married Spanish women.
My Dad's adopted, explaining why his very white looking Father wasn't Mexican. XD That explained a lot to me the day he told me.

There are many things I won't tell my family, like the age I was when I lost my virginity [I lied about it], the day I tried acid, and the unfortunate details about my relationship with my recent ex. >>;
Most of my father's family has some connection with criminals, just like my mom's family. But it's not like a secret or anything, we just talk about who got killed recently during lunch.
You would.

My family has no idea who their ancestors are. adoption after adoption and finally meh.
My dad was responsible for an act of terrorism during apartheid. He blew up a large ornamental windmill outside a post office in the name of good taste.