What the hell, Anons?

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  1. This article is one of the most agenda-ridden pieces of shit I've read in recent weeks. And I spent all of last week reading the combined essays of the Communist International between 1919 and 1943.
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  2. Oh look. An article written by a journalist proclaiming the innocence of journalists against extremist monsters that threaten rape everywhere.

    Did he let his child write this? Because this kind of extremist black and white is what one would expect of a child, not a person who lives in the real world.


    Also, defending Anita Sarkeesian. A literal con-woman. Damn, I didn't even know people still thought she was legit.
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  3. so i take it the consensus is trololololol?
  4. Something like that, though, it just makes me laugh when I read these articles. It's like a murderer screaming "we're not all bad! Look, some of us only commit assault!"

    Fact of the matter is that this situation has devolved into complete anarchy. There is a problem in games journalism but anyone thinking that this is going to fix it is kidding themselves. This is, at best, going to spread awareness. Because honestly, what are they going to do? Pull the plug on advertisers? Did that, Rock Paper Shotgun is still standing and not giving a damn.
  5. i have no idea what rock paper shotgun is

    the reference sailed over like jesse la flair over a wall
  6. tl;dr mode activated.

    Rock Paper Shotgun (acronym: RPS) is a gaming journalist site known for often making sensationalist garbage, along the lines of "gaming is dead!" and "SEXISM EVERYWHERE!" Their advertisers got enough angry mail from the Gamergate movement that all but one dropped advertising on RPS. RPS started taking donations, and they're still operating right now.

    What's frustrating is that they are still conflating pseudo-feminism with actual feminism. Anita isn't a feminist, she's a whiny tit who knows how to sell the victim mentality. Malala is an actual feminist trying to improve the lives of girls in the middle east.

    Oiyoyi. There's no winning when all you see is lunacy.
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  7. and now you kn ow

    and knowing is half the battle
  8. CNN, another newsgroup known for bias and running a story without fact checking. :rotfl:

    I like how they fail to mention the part where Anita has faked her own death threats on multiple occasions, and has been caught red handed. At one point she cried out about death threats via Twitter, that didn't exist until four hours later. I also like how they fail to mention how she doctors footage in her own "Feminist Frequency" videos to try and support her completely deranged fantasies of the real world. If you did that in a court of law or anywhere even remotely official, it'd be a crime. (An infamous example is how she tries to paint Hitman: Absolution as a game promoting the murder and objectification of women. When in the game, you get outright penalized for murdering civilians, and yes, that includes women. So... Wheee~)

    Essentially: She's Jack Thompson 2.0 with tits.jpg installed, only instead of games promoting violence, it's games promoting violence... Specifically against women. Because sexism.

    (Note: I'm not even going to pretend that gaming doesn't have sexism, because it most certainly does. But to pretend that the entire medium somehow creates sexists--and that is a claim she makes--is... Baffling, at best. It'd be like claiming that the Bible causes everyone who reads it to become mass murderers.)

    Oh, and the best part is, sourcing any of this is difficult due to the fact that she is constantly censoring any dissenting opinions, to the point where she helped in getting Thunderf00t's Twitter account shut down for even talking about Gamergate. That should tell you all you need to know about the quality of her character. It's just that she's a woman and people don't like her, so naturally, biased, left wing press will jump to her defense without thinking about it because the news often doesn't give itself the time to properly fact check anything. They just see a damsel in distress and go for it.
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  9. So very, VERY true.
  10. But I like my video game women to be scantily clad and wielding weapons far too large for them with boob plate actually working as protection.

    Video games require suspension of disbelief. How else is my 50 strong dwarf militia going to wade into battle with a five hundred strong zombie army with seven babies in tow?

    This is also why I avoid anything more than my local news stations when it comes to anything. It's all about what gets the most hits.

    Someone find that article or thingy where Fox News went to court over actually telling lies and being able to claim its news.
  11. Ahh, dwarf fortress. =)

    That aside, yeah, there's a whole string of websites pushing this obscenely stupid agenda, dozens of them, in fact. They're progressively more insane than the last, pretending they have moral authority to back up their claims; they don't.
    The bad news, is the ones involved were once-reputable sites; the reach has gone so far, that in the gaming journalistic community, IGN has come full circle, and become relatively trustworthy. Hell, even the times has decided to jump on this agenda and slam the creators of the Spider-Woman comic for an alternative art cover.

    Fuck these people.
  12. r u havin a fukkin giggle m8

    Seriously, look up the description of itself that IGN sends to its advertisers. That's not a site you wanna be getting opinions from.

    Anyway, before this all gets a bit too vitriolic, lemme try and give a slightly more dispassionate explanation for this whole boogaloo. Video games have hit a stage in public consciousness where they can't just be seen as a niche hobby anymore. They're big. Really big. And with this growth there's always going to be new challenges.

    Games journalists are trying to have the best of both worlds. On the one hand, a lot of them are left-leaning chaps and chapettes who would like to talk about their political causes and push forward progressive movements with their writing. That'd be fine, where it not for the fact that they're also still clinging to the whole myth of objectivity. You can't have your cake and eat it, and you can't push a cause and also say you're impartial.
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  13. True to the above post, though there are still a few voices of reason in the chaos. PC Gamer surprisingly isn't that bad if you stick strictly to games reviews. TotalBiscuit, Angry Joe, and Jim Sterling each have their own perspectives but tend to try to look at the bigger picture as well.

    Overall, compare and contrast this to the rise of metal. "It'll ruin society!" They said. It's the cycle of things.
  14. Let me express how I feel about those three dudes in a cheeky wee drinking analogy.

    Let's say TotalBiscuit, Angry Joe and Jim Sterling are guys you're going on a night out with. Jim's the guy you give the wrong time and location to on purpose, just because you can't be dealing with his shit for an extended period of time. Joe's the guy who seems cool at first, but feels the need to act like a maniac and quickly drinks himself into such a state you're left with no choice but to glass the prick when he starts on you for offering a differing opinion.

    TotalBiscuit, meanwhile, is the guy you have a fun, insightful and slightly inebriated chat with on the other side of town, after you've spent a couple hours avoiding the police.
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  15. Well that's an awfully creative but roundabout way of saying you dislike Joe and Jim, but like TB.
  16. Naw, I'm not. They're on a short list of websites that arn't caught up in this web of lies. They're relatively benign, which is a very sad state of affairs.