What Song(s) do You Like to Listen to When You're Mad?

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  1. The title is kind of self explanatory.

    I have a couple that are go to ones when I am totally pissed off, and those are:

    So yeah, post away.
  2. Oh look, one of the threads I won't visit on my phone..

    Usually anything loud if I want to stay mad. Some Rammstein is always good.

    If I want to calm down then something soothing, Risk of Rain soundtrack works so well.

  3. A great song to listen to when angry (for me at least) not just because it's a bit... calmer, I suppose, than some angrier-sounding alternatives, but also because the lyrics are just so edgy that at first they kind of feel right to wallow in, but after a while I remember that I'm normally just too upbeat of a person for any of the lyrics to really be relatable anymore, which then often makes me want to stop listening as I'd be happier without the negativity. And by then I'm often back to my normal self. ^^

    Also, System of a Down. Don't really feel like hunting down particular songs at the moment, but that's often another go-to for when I'm really an angry, emotional wreck.
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  4. A few minutes of this with headbanging and I'll pretty much work out any rage in the system.

    "Holed up, scarred, and tamed for the hell of it
    Look at me, I am the glorified malcontent
    Save me, save this
    All I got to do is give up
    And all is forgiven
    I'm sick

    Of being the butt of a cosmic joke
    And I don't get the punchline
    A million people lined up for miles
    To see the great big mouth"


  5. If this doesn't cheer someone up I don't know what will.
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