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What shows can you not wait for next season?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minerva, Oct 5, 2015.

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  1. We all probably watch TV or some form of it. You probably hate when a show isn't finished, and you have to wait a while to watch the next part of a story, even if it's just on Netflix.

    What shows are these for you and why?

    Personally, for me it's

    The Strain: I love this show. It's one of my favorite modern vampire stories. It's so action packed, and the characters are well written. I just didn't like the Season Finale because of THAT FUCKING KID!

    I'm excited to see what season 3 will have in store.

    Attack on Titan: I'm waiting for Season 2 of this to be on Netflix.
  2. Game of Thrones, and hopefully this season won't be the clusterfuck of half-baked ideas and obnoxious shock value the last season was.

    Daredevil, I really enjoyed the first season. Second season has the Punisher. Can't go wrong.

    Vikings, I still need to finish the third season, but I love this show.

    Black Sails, just finished the first season, need to start on the second.

    Archer, never disappoints.

    About covers it.
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  3. One word: Kingsmoot.

  4. That's basically it for now.

    I'm letting Doctor Who finish before I marathon the season.
    Meanwhile Walking Dead is just a guilty pleasure, so there's no real excitement there.
  5. It's finally happenin'!

    Only 4 seasons of neglect, no big.
  6. The 100 :3
  7. Friends!

    ...Oh wait, fuck.


    ...Oh wait, fuck!

    Burn Noti--

    *flips a table*
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  8. Akatsuki no Yona, the ending wasn't satisfying >:c. Also Nanatsu no Taizai, which I really, really hope will get a second season because damn, it was good. And with the release of the new Hakuoki game I cannot wait for that OVA special to be subbed~
  9. Rick and Morty season 2 isn't finished yet, but do I really need a reason to want season 3 already?
  10. Black mirror, Game of thrones, Sense 8.

    Caaaaaaaaaaan't waaaaaaaaaaaaaait.
  11. American Horror Story, get hype.
  12. I miss that show.

    Walking Dead
    Better Call Saul
    Always Sunny
  13. Just Game of Thrones. The only other shows I give a shit enough to follow and actually watch week to week are currently airing, no waiting required.
  14. SENSE8 :D Who's your favourite character? :D
  15. Your mother.
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  16. Within the next 2 days is when my shows start ^^

    IZombie season 2 (That ending of season 1 o.o)
    Supernatural season 11 :D :D :D :D
  17. I wonder if anything about my profile will give it away
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  18. Cepheus. All damn day. Sun being a close second with all her badass ass-kicking.
  19. He's awesome :D My favourites are Riley and the Russian :)

  20. Well I feel so old right now but who the hell cares when the first season of digimon gets it's sequel~!
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