What should be the new question on the Newbie About You survey?

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  1. Every season we change the random question in the About You survey! One it was asking about fires and snow, once it was crunchy leaves, and recently it's about meadows and cherry blossoms.

    There's really no point or purpose to that particular question, I just like seeing people get confused by it and what their answers are. XD

    It's time for a new question, though and I am not having any ideas at the moment! GIVE ME SOME SUGGESTIONS, IWAKU! O____O The question should be DIFFERENT and not something you typically see in one of those about me surveys!
  2. Are you a Spambot? No one's judging, you can tell us, we're cool, you guys. Seriously.

    Then we murder every one of those Spambot sons of bitches.

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  3. Chewy or crunchy french fries! That is the perfect question.

    Don't use chips, even if we do have some British people. You will cause confusion.
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  4. On a rainy day do you like jumping in puddles, or curling up on the sofa?
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  5. Not bad, not bad! >:3 I'm sure more people have suggestions!
    • If lost in the woods and being harried by wolves, what are your long term goals?
    • You've stumbled into a warehouse filled with hoodlums. They bare weapons and advance upon you. How many thumb jabs to the eye can your hands endure before you succumb to them?
    • Can you successfully wrestle anything beyond humans?
    • Can you successfully wrestle humans?
    • Why can't you summon a meteor and have it strike upon the earth wherever you wish?
    • Can you withstand intense interrogation should a rival RP forum site kidnap you?
    • Are you willing to sign blood pacts?
    • How many horses have you tamed?
    • What is the highest caliber of gun you are immune to?
    • Are you a former dictator? If yes, where and when?

    That's all I got for now.
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  6. I want this man on the Security Team. Posthaste.
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