What "Scientist" Means - A Study of the Imp

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  1. ( For new comers to the RP, please go read the OOC thread. Link HERE. It'll give a little description where we are at the story, and a little guide to the world. Although the intro below should be enough to give you the idea.)

    Dr. Henry Roose,
    London, 4051 Dober Hill,
    February 14, 1868.

    Dr. Harvey Pole,
    Isle of Mann, Imp Research & Laborites.

    "The creatures, or imps, have infested Scotland, people have stopped arriving at the wall. It's been nine years since the first reported spotting of the ghoul-like beings, and our frontline is still active after the renovations of Hadrian's Wall. The white skinned, green eyed tall-men of Aberdeen, are savage combatants. They take the forms of men, but fight like none other I have laid eyes upon. They use claws, their mouths, and anything they can find their hands on. They lack the knowledge of guns, bows, or swords, yet we still have found problems with holding them off. It takes several shots just to take one down, and they seem to storm the walls in the hundreds. Thankfully, God strikes with us and the border has not fallen."- Prince George Hanover, the Duke of Cambridge, and Field Marshall of the British Army.

    I found that excerpt from the journal of Prince George, which is unpublished as of yet. Prince George boastfully declared that after he cleared the imps he would post his journal as a historic memoir of his hero ship. It will still probably be just as scientific as the rest of the royal families works.

    You can expect the shipment to arrive in two days time; Sorry for the short notice, things have been running amuck in my life lately. The cargo should include include ten dead imps, with fifteen alive. They seem to get more violent when grouped, so I suggest you keep them apart, however it is your study, to do with as you like.

    I am interested in the results of your study, I would love to hear about your progress.

    Sincerely, Dr. Henry Roose.

    "Well Doctor Pole?" My secretary, Lydia, called out to me as I re-read the letter.

    "Excuse me?" I paused. "I'm sorry my boots have run off with my memory."

    "I was asking about the agenda for next week."

    "Oh yes. Sorry, I was just informed that the Imps would arrive Wensday. As far as the agenda, well this will change things." I thought for a moment. "Lydia, would you bring the Senior Staff, as well as any other Doctor's who want to participate to the meeting room for a plan for the study.

    "Wasn't our plan already laid out Doctor?"

    "Well I expected more patients to work with. It'll be harder numbers to work with. Which requires splitting up our time."

    "You almost talk about them as if they are human." Lydia said with a hint of sarcasm.

    I considered the idea for a second, but smiled and dismissed it. Lydia walked off to go collect the present members. I stared out my window at the Irish Sea, and thought about the possibility of complex human qualities in such creatures. I fled from the thought quickly though, I haven't even seen one yet.

    Collecting the letter, a pen, ink jar, and my thoughts, I walked to towards the meeting room.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.