What Scents do you love?

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  1. Personally I'm partial to the smell of rain, fresh baked bread, coffee, and cinnamon.

    What scents do you love?
  2. Freshly cut grass, rain, sandalwood, laundry straight out the dryer, freshly baked cookies.
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  3. RAIN. Texas now measures our drought in feet. D:

    Other than that, I love the way my cat smells. Dust, a vague hint of milk... and comfort. She's so fucking adorable and her smell just puts me right in my happy place. Coincidentally, me sniffing her puts her in her unhappy place. Then she has to lick off the human germs.

    Oh, and curry. Fuckin' love curry.

    Mint and baking soda are awesome. That's what my deodorant is scented with. :D

    I also love the smell of creek water. Happy memories there. On a related note, honeysuckle and mesquite. Now I sound really Texan, but I swear half of my childhood was spent hunting down whatever delicious things were in season down by the creek. Agarita(?), butterfly blossom, mesquite beans, honeysuckle, mustang grapes, August peaches... everything tastes better when you have to hike out and pick it yourself.

    Chocolate. CHOCOLATE. And vanilla, but only real vanilla, not that fake salty-saccharine shit.

    I also really like the smell of vinegar.

    Last... probably meat. That bloody smell of hanging meat always meant sausage, venison, jerky... all sorts of delicious things.
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  4. the lawn after a rainstorm


    Chocolate cake

    Boeter koek (butter cake, which is more like a buttery almond square)

    Chicken alfredo lasagna

    Any seafod


    Fruity smells

    God, so many. I have a very hard time picking out a new body wash when I run out.
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  5. My favorite Aromas Mountain air~the scent of freedom!
    Vanilla and brown sugar , strawberries, cookies and corn bread baking, coffee, patchouli, nag champa, honeysuckle, and the smell of October, he smells like leather, sawdust, and ocean<3.
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  6. Rain
    Cooked food
    That smell you catch when you are taking a hot shower and the shampoo scent gets up in your nose. Love that.
    Bread baking.
    Outside in nature, not outside my apartment because it smells like a drunk died outside.
    Various other things that I don't remember right now but will at 3 AM
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  7. Hell, October's smell turns me on!
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    • Pumpkin spices.
    • Autumn.
    • Books.
    • Leather.
    • Coffee.
    • Apples.
    • Chai teas.
    • Woodsy smells.
    • Skittles.

    Just to name a few.
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  8. Vanilla, baking bread, fresh baked cookies or cakes. Really, anything dessert based is fantastic.

    I had a set of therapeutic hand lotion once. I think my favourite was Milk and Honey. It had a very mild scent, vaguely sweet.

    My cats are outside a lot, and have a tendency to sleep in the gardens around my house, so they always come back smelling like a mixture of plants and fresh dust.

    Speaking of dust, Petrichor. Few things smell better.

    And permanent markers. It's horrible for you and kills brain cells, but they smell amazing ;A;
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  9. Cooked bacon, freshly baked pastries, bold dark coffee (light roasts smell crappy to me), the oceans, marijuana, my manfriend's natural musk, garlic bread, vanilla cupcakes, dragon blood (incense), and the various scents that the stands at farmers markets have to offer.
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  10. Scent of nature . Scent of Living
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  11. Strawberries, raspberries, roses, primeroses... They all kinda cluster into the same smell profile but with diferent high notes.

    The salty sea breeze on a warm day...


    Black powder
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  12. I like the scents associated with welding and other metal burning smells, the scent of earth, my lady and my son's hair weirdly enough, and my mom's home made tortillas.
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  13. Coffee's probably my most common 'favorite' smell. The scent of a fresh-brewed pot of sumatra or kona helps me in waking up immensely.

    Overall, though, probably the smell of Brut, a particularly potent aftershave. An ex of mine wore it, and I took a liking to it. (Smells better on me, anyway.*)

    * Yes I'm aware that makes no sense.
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  14. omg CURRY. Smells sooo good.

    Cinnamon! Bacon. O_O Autumn/Winter has this awesome fresh smell, especially on the first brisk day or the season.

    Mint! Chaaaaiiiii tea, yeees.

    Hmm, I really like musky scents and woodsy scents too.

    And the smell of food in general. >>
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  15. Peppermint mixed with lavender
    mint tea
    sweaters that i steal from my friends (I am a renown clothing thief among my friends because I'm always cold xD)
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    Old books
    New books
    Art stores
    My boyfriend
    Stringed instruments/rosin
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  17. Vanilla scent is really good. -w-
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  18. I really like the fried egg smell >.< Also Lavender. Is that a scent? Isnt it a color? Well, I saw it on a fragrance bottle one time and it smelled good so.. ^^

    And Hot Chocolate.. :D
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  19. Lavender is a flower, with a very distinctive smell and colour


    My favourite scent is the smell of Elizabeth Arden's Red Door, because it was the perfume that my grandmother always wore, and it reminds me of how happy and calm I was with her.

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