what really grinds my gears

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  1. what really grinds my gears is that you you have to post 6 times before they figure out your not a robot and can't just approve you after 3 post or something i'm running out of forums to post in and thats what grinds my gears.
  2. Guess what.

    Those robots are smarter than you think. >:[

    And it's not that hard to find places to post. 8D You'll survive.
  3. :P I'm new and I got my six post by just floating around and commenting. It's the easiest way to meet everyone :D

    You're supposed to be angry and ungrateful at this tiny inconvenience of proving your rudimentary sentience.

    Go to your room.

  5. D: But.... but.... oh alright... I HATE EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH EVERYTHING! Is that better? Or was that too much?

    Edit: I'm already in my room :P