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  1. Alrighty guys, I'll start off with a little post, from dj about the rp..

    "the war is between the humans and creatures/ other beings

    and through discussion we came to a conclusion that the elves are secretly behind it but we dont know yet in the rp...... and not all humans believe that the creatures and other beings should be able to live with the humans.....

    so the humans are split into two groups and the elves are as well....
    now we only know that there is a war."

    Basically sums it up nicely?
  2. [MENTION=5837]Shooey[/MENTION] This is bugging me and I thought this thread would be perfect to tell you this. You described Mace as "this huge, intimidating man", but in his first post he discribed his character like this: "not extremely big but can see his stature/ build height 5'11". " Felt like this was important because it's a misinterpretation about one of the rp characters. :) My character, he is extremely big, but Mace is more on the average side. :)
  3. My character is on the leaner semi-skinny side. :3 Just wanna point it out since to Ryce both Mace and Toldar are bigger compared to him. He is a bit insecure about his built just wanna point that out too. ^^
  4. Toldar is a freaking giant xD

    [MENTION=4176]djrae315[/MENTION] On the first page of our rp you recieved a letter. Can I get orders from my mercenary company to be a part of your team when you start gathering people? C:
  5. Toldar or Rhael? o.O
  6. RHAEL!!! FUCKING FUCKER WITH A GIANT FLYNG FUCK!!! Sorry, I've rped with Toldar for almost 3 years, and since Rhael uhm, habilities are similar, I mix up their names -.- Funny fact of the day: both are humans, but Rhael is almost 2m tall while Toldar is barely 1.60m xP
  7. Yea @isoh13 sounds great.... i was thinking since we have a good number of people we could start the part pf the rp were the war is brought up .. if no one has a problem once our last person wakes up ill have the people come back ... which will most lickly start... but i have no clue what the nisdion will be any suggestions ?
  8. [MENTION=5888]Isho13[/MENTION]: I knew something was wrong with the names, though I failed to mention anything, I'm sorry. I even thought you were going to go with that name like, for the rest of the rp. Lol

    @All: I suggest a massive event!! If everyone is willing and since we can't stay in the bar forever, I was thinking since my character is still a mystery with little to reveal as of yet, a commotion would spur up--because of that somehing glittery I mentioned on my post. A random man 'attacks' my character thinking I was a theif and that braclet i had was out of place because of my tattered clothes.

    Battle, battle...

    Then my character reveals himself then tells him his mission, then.... What now?

    Its just a suggestion but feel free to change everything or we can go along with the others suggestions as well. :3
  9. Sounds nice..... so like your battle can happen and then i can get the mission to go to war...
  10. My characters mission is to basically stop the war. :3
    Like wanting to get some sort of Peace Threaty with the elves.
  11. So now three of us have a reason for going to war :D
  12. If everyone has come into agreement, let me know so I can start. :3
  13. Well... yeah, you have a point but I was aware of that. c: I did that on purpose - it was just because my character was so small (in her bio, I describe her as being the size of a child... so yeah, she's tiny) so from her point of view Mace is pretty much a giant. I can change it though, if you want.
  14. [MENTION=5837]Shooey[/MENTION] it's alright, it was just in case you hadn't read the other characters' bio C: Now it's all good n.n
  15. Hey guys, sorry I'll reply when I get home. Been super busy..
  16. sorry i havnt been on in a while .. but im catching up now
  17. That's good. ^^ Its fine though, life does get in the way sometimes
  18. Is it alright if my character quits the roleplay? I'm going to be leaving this roleplay site in any case - it's just that recently I've realized that rping is simply too time-consuming for me. As a schoolgirl with a crapton of homework, well... let's just say nowadays I have a hard time getting homework done.

    It was really fun though! You guys were a joy to roleplay with. :) Would it be enough if I simply didn't reply anymore to the main rp thread, or should I write something more?
  19. Thats fine. Its sad to see you go though.
  20. Is this rp even active? >_>