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Tuxedo Mask

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Well I would like the lovely people of Iwaku to comment on my art and tell me what they like and dislike, ya know constructive critique. :DD

First one of my best friend Lauren

o_o It's like...you took a photo and made it into a mosaic... I've never really seen a drawing like that.... Thumbs up! Bravo!!!
Ah thanks Miru! After I got finished with it I got a very Starry Night Van Gogh feel that I really liked!
It's kind of got this drifting dream quality to it, you know?
It's hard to describe.
Thats awesome man, you've really got talent. Got anymore to share?
Working on it October, I'm trying to find time to finish a pointillism I've been working on. I'll upload it when it's done. It's taken about 15 hours so far, my guess is another 5 left.

And thanks!
Yay, I can finally return the favor :DD. I like it a lot. The mosaic style makes it seem realistic but also a bit dream-like at the same time :].
Oh my gosh, TM, I love the texture it gives off! It goes along with the Van Gogh feel, since he used SO much paint! I love it, man! It's so cool!
Aqua, TK, thank you so much!!!
Here are two more that I've done awhile ago, before my pointillism goes up.

First a copy of a Coby Whitmore picture. I added in the flaky texture, it was out of a magazine.


Second one of another best friend.


P.S. Aqua I definitely agree with that dream like bit, never really noticed it before! ^_^
It's so complex with simplicity!

... Ok, cutting the bullshit:

Ok finally done with the pointillism thank goodness!! Never again!!

Edit: scroll down for better one
Kind of light and bright, a little hard to see there, but from what I can tell: awesome work!

Try vamping up the contrast a little more so that the colors can be seen...

... That is the button to push.... I think...
You are correct TK I really don't know photoshop at all ^^ I fixed it.

YES! Much better!


Seriously, how do you DO THIS!?
You really just take a picture and copy it. I just did it through pointillism. It isn't very difficult just time consuming! Also since no one has noticed yet I put a music note in every piece (besides the Coby Whitmore one because it's recreation)
Still, Tux, I don't think you realize just how hard to be able to copy a photograph in that manner but keep everything relatively proportionate. Good job!
Well I finally having something new to post up :P Hope you enjoy it!
I like to call this one "A Beautiful Eruption" as her name is Ashley. :]]