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  1. This is a roleplay beginning at a small goth store called Black Heart, proudly owned by Livia C. White. Characters don't have to be goth, but if you want your character to be, but don't know anything about goths, here is a website that explains the many different types of goths. As of now, I don't know what I want to do with the plot. Where the story goes is dependent on you, but please observe these rules:
    1. Swearing is fine
    2. Romance is fine
    3. Any characters are fine, come up with your own ideas!
    4. Move the plot
    5. Character's ages are 16+
    6. Have fun!
    7. Fantasy is okay, I suppose...if everyone else wants it.
    8. IC: What Makes Your Heart Beat
  2. Might we ask--

    --curious as we are.

    Pardon my other self--

    She acknowledges! She sees me as--

    No. Hush. Anyway, what we would like to know is if this lady's shop is accessible to anyone from different planes of existence?

    She means different timelines, dimensions, lives, etc.

    If so, perhaps we do have someone in mind. A customer.

    A proposal, if you'd like to call it.

    Someone from far away, who, perhaps, would like to make a purchase at the shop.

    I keep seeing this place floating in the middle of nowhere, accepting customers from everywhere around any existing dimensions.

    That would involve alien beings.

    Wouldn't that be interesting?

    Worry not, this customer of ours is no alien creature. Perhaps alien to those who know him well, but the customer is aware of human mannerisms.

    Yes, yes, I think I know who you speak of.

    What say you?
  3. Go for it! ^^ I think that would add a nice spin to the rp.
  4. Can I apply in the shop as an eternally tardy employee?
  5. Sure! Go ahead :D
  6. An entry has been made. A typical entry.

    If not otherworldly.

    We hope you enjoy it.
  7. It was good ^^ I'll probably reply sometime this afternoon.
  8. I read the IC and really like it so far, but I think I might wait a bit to post. I'd like to avoid anything involving my character conflicting with other aspects of the story, especially since Ashalia seems to have something in mind (which is awesome, I love it actually). I enjoy things involving modern fantasy, dimensions, etc, but don't want to make things too crazy by throwing in another character with an unfamiliar origin and background. I'm up for discussing ideas on here or via pm so my character can fit in well when they get involved!
  9. Just saying, I checked the goth link and my character is goth-loli.

    However, your link terribly misunderstands j-goth. But it's not for me to correct so. :'D

    >:] I will be posting sometime this eve.
  11. *Gets dragged in by the shirt collar* o___o

  12. We would just like to say that--

    --while our character, the patron, is from another place...

    At the moment, we are unsure on his motives.

    Maybe we should ask him what he plans to do.

    That aside, we would like to see how everyone else is like before we proceed with any obvious motive in mind.
  13. Yay more people :D

    I need to respond!
  14. A reply has been made.

    I wonder how they're able to wrap their text around their pictures like that.

    A secret we must acquire.

    That we do!
  15. You can use [IMGa=left/right]image url[/IMGa] to wrap text around an image.

    The shop is getting rather crowded. Should I wait until later to jump in?
  16. You can go ahead if you want ^^ I'm always up for more people :D
  17. Sorry I created a weird character! /bows
  18. Seems interesting enough, and I need things to do! Will post. ^.^
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  19. YAY!
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