What makes a RP interesting?

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  1. Exactly what the title says, ''What makes a RP interesting?'' What makes a RP interesting to you?
  2. People and good creativity.
  3. I think the most important thing is for the OP to have an idea of the plot beforehand. Otherwise the RP just turns into people meeting each other, and I've done that a million times before.
  4. Originality and plotline.
  5. Entertaining and self-aware. There are plenty of stories out there by people who have no idea what they're doing, and try far too hard to be perfectly original. The ones that don't mind straying away from fan fiction to create a simple "once upon a time, there was a princess in a tower" story tend to draw my eye. Mainly because they know what they want, and don't mind starting with something simple to get it.
  6. Design. I don't mean "original design" either, it could be a fandom or an original or whatever but as long as the information is cohesive and the ideas presented are clear I probably could have a stab at it.

    Though if this is just a "what catches your eye" sort of question, then the answer is about as vague as the question.
  7. When reading rps: Good writing, good plot, consistency.

    When writing rps: The right person (or people).
  8. The action, a plot connecting many different characters. Character development. Believable romance.
  9. There are many factors that make a role-play interesting. For me, it depends on what mood I'm in and what kind of plot I'm craving at the time. The genre matters to me especially, but the main thing for me that makes a role-play interesting depends on my partner.

    If my partner is just as excited as I am it really helps how well we role-play and our flow of ideas. Plot twists of course also contribute to how interesting the role-play is or becoming.

    There's probably a lot more that I could expand on, but I'm too tired. *yawns*
  10. Major plot twists
  11. The potential for romance. >> YEAH I SAID IT. I'M ONE OF THOSE GIRLS.

    Romance is my candy, so that's a quick hook to get me!

    I also look for simple but fun guilty pleasure plots. Stuff that might be immature and dumb, but is still really fun. Like Teen High School roleplays! There's ten million of then, they're all the same, but I love them because you can plop in different characters and have a different story every time. 8D
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  12. This only has to do with one on one roleplays as I rarely do group roleplays and doesn't hold the same standards for them.

    Plot twists, new ideas and new characters. I love adventure & fantasy roleplays. They can take place in one city, or it can be a long journey around the world, either way something new has to be thrown into it sometimes now and then. They can't travel for three months without anything happening, or worse, the only thing that ever happens is that they repeatedly gets attacked by unknown people in the same manner every time. New ideas needs to be thrown in regularly. Sometimes it might be a big conspiracy and other times it might be something simple as meeting a new traveling partner. Both partners needs to be ready to give something new to the plot a bit now and then so that both can enjoy the other persons creativity.
  13. I've got a few things that are almost requirements for me to even give a roleplay the time of day, because without them it's almost impossible for me to stay interested in them. I'll just list and explain those.

    An established plot. I don't mean there has to be something like "retrieve the magic sword and slay the evil overlord" where the plot is clear and has no deviation, and I don't mean there has to be a specific single goal everyone is aiming for (stuff like "you're all newly created superheroes, survive all the crazy shit that gets thrown at you and work to improve the city" is perfectly fine as an ongoing plot), I just mean that there has to be some actual intent in mind for the RP before it actually starts. I can't stand games that are just like "hey, let's throw all these characters into this setting and see what happens!" They devolve into mindless socializing drivel, all relationship and character building without any actual goals being pursued. I get bored so easily with those kinds of things, because I want to have things for my characters to do other than sit around and chat.

    A fleshed out world. Similarly to the above, I can't quite get into roleplays where everything is made up as things go along. I've tried some things where the GM said it was a sandbox world of a particular genre, where it would be built as we explored, but it always felt really poorly crafted and disjointed. I don't mean that there needs to be like detailed maps and bestiaries and history books and so forth about the world to explain every little detail, I just look for the bare minimum to see that the creator has actually thought about the whole of their world and knows what exists in it and how it works. I quite enjoy roleplays where the players have to explore the world to learn about it, but there's a massive difference between exploring an already created world versus a spontaneously generating one. It's kind of the same difference as exists between reading a normal novel and reading a choose your own adventure story; the CYOA thing is an amusing novelty for a bit, but if you want anything with real depth and lasting entertainment value you head for the real novels.

    Something that inspires my creativity. This one is extremely nebulous, but it's still important. It could be some game mechanic that I like, it could be something about the overall plot that catches my fancy, it could be some neat idea another player came up with, it could be something special about one of the factions or races or whatever in the roleplay, it could be something neat about how magic works, it could be some neat tidbit about some little unimportant town, or it could be something else altogether. Basically it has to be something that gives me an idea for a character that would be fun to play and that really fits in the world. I never play the same character in two different roleplays, and I like making characters that truly feel like a part of the world, so I'm always on the lookout for something neat to base my new character on for a roleplay. If I can't find something about the world that interests me enough to inspire a character, I just don't bother trying. I've got a fertile enough imagination that if I get through all your given roleplay info and look through all the existing character sheets and not even one thing pops out that makes me want to create a character right there, then it's probably not going to be enjoyable to play in, so screw it.
  14. Plot twists. What keeps a Roleplay from getting stale is when the characters always have something to do or work toward. Of course, the GM can have hundreds of tricks up their sleeve and none of them matter if the players ignore them.
  15. As I've only experience in group roleplays with large groups, I would say an active GM and active/passionate players make a great roleplay.

    Aside from that, the potential for romance, or even flirting, makes it very fun!
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