What makes a good Space Saga scifi for you?

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  1. For YOU personally, what makes a good Space Saga Scifi roleplay? What is it about those sort of roleplays really suck you in? What does a space saga scifi HAVE to have to catch your interest?
  2. uh... if its a space saga scifi rp thingy it has to have three qualities, though they are fairly obvious ones:

    1. It must be set in space.

    2. It must have be in a Science Fiction setting. Anything with spacefairing powers, regardless of tech level. For instance Outland was set in space, but still its relativly low tech in comparison to Star Wars. Man uses guns still, all space flight is sub light, it takes place inside the solar system, and Sean Connery is only starting to age.

    3. It must be EPIC, otherwise it is not a saga.
  3. GM needs to make sure they have figured out which set of sci-fi rules they want to use, and STICK WITH THEM.

    Figure out: what kind of FTL travel they're going to use. What kind of weapons are there. Do aliens exist. Where are the aliens. Is humanity a central figure to space politics, and why or why not.

    And there must be some kind of conflict that will endanger, at the very least, a planet and by extension, the universe.

    Space Operas thrive on the drama between characters, and the tension between the heroes and villains. Characters must be very-much three-dimensional, and the villains must have good, solid reasons for doing what they do. "Expanding the Empire!" is alright, but "I want to destroy the universe!" is tired and cliche.

    Etc., etc..

    EDIT: lol I can't read gud.
  4. so long as i get a bolter or a lasgun/assault rifle I'm good.

  5. [​IMG]

    ⎈ The Sea Kingdom ⎈

    CASTLE | The White Palace
    RULER(s) | Eliah and Rachel Godfrey
    LOCATION | Southeastern shore

    CREST | The Renloth crest bears the image of two white fish tails against a dark blue backing. Rumor has it that the tails are, in fact, more accurately belonging to mercreatures, speaking of a time when man and the fearsome beast existed on better terms.

    DESCRIPTION | Renloth is a kingdom entrenched in beauty. Set on the shoreline, the White Palace rests on the cliffs, overlooks the glassy sea, nestled between the Casbar Pier and Nymph's Row, and west of Fool's Mountain. A close ally with the neighboring kingdoms of Ethelemar and Vast, Renloth provides trade and transport, though is most commonly utilized for the former, bringing many supplies in from around the Nine Realms.

    Following the reign of his father, the current king Eliah Godfrey resides over Renloth - a sorrowful, melancholy man, though just and honorable in his leadership. Eliah and his wife Rachel parented three children - August, the heir-apparent, and his sisters, Isadore and Midge.

    CULTURE | Renloth’s Casbar Pier is a cultural epicenter, comprised of a massive marketplace and trading post, several political embassies, and a library of both educational and artistic value.

    For their crop supply, Renloth looks largely to their neighbors in the north, while relying on their fleet of fishing vessels for their meat supply, bringing in a daily yield from the sea, which is cleaned and distributed to the citizens in Renloth’s market district. Citizens of Renloth are also permitted to fish or forage the beaches, but at their own risk.

    Most festivals and events within Renloth feature oceanlife to some degree, though none more prominently than the Tide Harvest, which occurs early in the summer season. The Harvest begins at dawn at the start of the week and runs until evening at the end of the week, with contests, dancing and a massive feast. Traditionally, in the history of Renloth, the children of the king are honored participants at this ceremony, awarding prizes throughout the week.

    Weddings in Renloth are an honored event, generally taking place on or near the shore. A priest will oversee the vows, then the bride will sing a traditional song taught to her by her mother-in-law. The celebration begins at sundown, when paper lanterns are released over the ocean, a procession leading from the shore, in land, where a feast is held. It is often customary that the queen or one of her children with visit the celebration to honor the bride, groom and their families. Funerals are held with the same level of respect, the deceased laid in a boat pyre and launched out over the sea whilst songs are sung by their loved ones. A small feast follows, prepared by family members.

    Social hierarchy in Renloth is split between nobility and commoners, though poverty is rare and generally self imposed. The monarchs are very involved with the people and are accustomed to making personal visits to the grieving or ill, and attending celebrations and events.

    Music plays a large part in Renloth tradition and most citizens are taught to sing, dance or play some instrument from a young age. Music takes part in most festivals and events, and is also prominent through the kingdom on a day to day basis.

    RELIGIOUS STRUCTURE | Renloth religious customs are simple, with a small central church in the village, as well as a chapel in the White Palace, each overseen by a priest and his acolyte. Priests generally officiate weddings and births, and are responsible for the blessing over the Tide Harvest each year. The priest is also heavily involved in finding suitable matches for the royal family.

    DEMOGRAPHIC | Renloth’s population is largely mixed.It is also not unusual to find visitors from outside of Fable’s border staying within Casbar. Their citizens are referred to as Renlothians, or Rens.

    CLIMATE | Renloth's climate is temperate, with extremely warm spring and summer. Rain falls year round, most abundant in fall. Renloth sees snow, though rarely outside of winter months. Hurricanes are not uncommon in spring and summer.

    GEOGRAPHY | Renloth is located on the shoreline, build on and into the cliffs overlooking the ocean, the border extending from the edge of Falmar Plains, to the very tip of the peninsula. From the shore, rocky hills extend upwards, into Fool’s Mountain.


    When he was but a child, Renloth’s king was in a boating accident that nearly cost him his life. He claims to have been rescued by a young woman, but given the distance of his ship to the shore, suspicions arose that perhaps his rescuer was, in fact, a mermaid.

    While their relationship has always been amiable at the very least, there are frequent rumors that the king and queen hold a loveless union, a marriage purely of convenience. Some of this rumor rides on the suggestion that King Eliah’s heart belongs to the mercreature who rescued him as a young man.

    After her banishment, rumors surfaced that the Ethelemar Queen settled within Fool’s Mountain, and that the source of constant fog is her doing.

    ARMY | As per their location, Renloth’s army is largely comprised of a naval unit, though each militant is trained in ground assault as well. The White Palace also has a separate guard, both functional and ornamental.

    CONFLICT | For many years now, Renloth has encountered difficulties with mercreatures, particularly where their naval forces are concerned. Because of this, ordinances have been put into place to ensure the safety of Renloth citizens where sea travel, fishing and swimming are concerned.

    Casbar Pier is a thundering trade post, the largest and most prolific in Fable. Comprised largely of a market bazaar and docks frequently accessed for both import and export, as well as travel. While Casbar Pier is effectively within Renloth lands, there are embassies within the control of other kingdoms throughout the Pier and it is often the center for diplomatic developments.

    Nymph's Row is a lighthouse located south of Casbar Pier and Renloth Palace. Situated on the cliff line, this lighthouse serves as a guide for incoming ships, but is also said to be a beacon, protecting the shores of Renloth from long rumored nefarious oceanic creatures known as Sirens.

    Fool's Mountain, found northeast of Renloth is a dark and mysterious bluff, the summit of which is never found without a ring of fog - regardless of time or season. It has been rumored that Fool's Mountain is home to the exiled queen of Ethelemar, though little proof exists beyond the strange weather conditions.

  6. I can tell you what always bugs me about space sci-fi. That you can find more diversity on a (real) single street than you can find amongst a single alien species that has been traveling the universe for thousands of years. Meet a snooty alien from one end of the universe, you can bet the one on the other end will be exactly the same.