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  1. (I'll post tomorrow or possibly later today, most likely. Nobody else is going to post on this and I will change the title to Closed to Enter or something.)
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  2. [BCOLOR=#000000](From this point on, nobody else posts until @kidcopious replies. Thank you. )[/BCOLOR]
  3. Riu, please rewrite this. the sentence structure confuses me. There's also very little detail in your equipment, so it cannot be used. )
  4. (Currently, I am deciding on removing people from the story. If you wish to discuss it, inbox me.)
  5. @Uchiha Sasuke

    Hey, please don't just delete OOC comments after making them. We can still see these posts and it's a circumvention of the rules. D: It is much easier on everyone to make an OOC thread to begin with!

    I also noticed that you'd rebooted this RP, so I closed the old one and archived it for you. You can use this thread as an OOC for your new RP thread.
  6. Thank you for doing that, Ozzie. I appreciate the help.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.