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Do you appreciate my "posh" persona?

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  1. Good evening. I am known as Jackalbot, but you may call me Jackal. *bows*

    While this is not my first time roleplaying, it is my first time on this site. Bear with me while I feel out the new environment.

    Something you should know about me: I grow bored rather easily, but I will do everything I can to warn you before I cease to respond. I expect you to do the same, future partner. If you need more time to respond or if you must temporally drop our thread, please let me know. I can wait.

    Something else you should know: I am generally a passive role-player and would prefer to share the weight of the plot rather than carry it by myself. I also prefer to play male characters over female characters. If you have any ideas, please share them with me.

    Below are a few ideas I would like to run with:

    Master and Pet
    Scientist and Experiment
    Student and Student
    Student and Teacher

    I am also interested in Supernatural and Post-Apocalyptic plot lines, as well as anything yaoi.

    If you see anything you like or have any questions about me, send me a message.
    I await you, future partner. Don't take too long.
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  2. I might have the perfect character for student x teacher, master x pet or scientist x experiment. Send me a PM if you're still interested.
  3. Apologies friends, but we are currently closed.
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