What is YOUR True Name?! :O

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  1. This is for giggles whether or not you're a fan of anime/manga :P

    Simply match your first and last initials. Try it with both your real name and you Iwaku name and then post it here :D

    See what fun you can have! >:D


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  2. For myself I got " Phantom Thief Magician (Mahoustukai)" :3
  3. J.I. = Magical Exorcist

    Z = Power
  4. Super Alien.

    Vampire Sadist.
  5. Lovely Masochist = name

    Sailor Exorcist = Iwaku username.
  6. ... I got "Chibi Bishoujo" for my real name and Happy Mermaid for my mythos Kitti.

    I disapprove utterly.
  7. Real Name: Dark Prince

    Iwaku: Chibi Student

    I should have just used my real name. v.v
  8. Real name: Super Masochist..... I am more of a sadist actually :o x3 Just sayin...

    Iwaku name: Dark Monster... xD hahahha sure why not! x3
  9. Magical Devil?
  10. I'm a Sailor Alien by the looks of my real name.

    Elyd would be Detective... but if I go by how I do my skype name.. Sailor Vampire. Either way I'm a sailor-suited warrior of love and justice. In my high heels of justice I'll defeat the bad guys!
  11. -breathes in deeply, holds breath for a beat.-

  12. OMFG.

    I'm a Magical Prince. :/
  13. I am Sailor Prince with my real name. Add my step-dad's last name and you get Sailor Prince Onii-chan......

    With my skype name, as Fate is just to short, my name would be Fighting Alien.

    .....You know what, I like the first one better.
  14. Super Little Sister???

    For Iwaku name, Happy Bride? Lolwut?
  15. For my real name, Pretty Magician.

    Iwaku name, Henshin Youkai. My Iwaku name makes me a transforming spirit monster.

    ...Not sure if want.
  16. Thought this was funny: With my maiden name I'm Super Devil! With my married name I'm Super Angel! Who'da thunk?

    Iwaku name: Digi-Student! I... erm... yeah. No.
  17. Real= Phantom Thief Devil
    Iwaku=Detective Angel

    ...2 opposite ends of the spectrum... wow
  18. Detective Vampire is on the case. >:O

    My Iwaku name is pretty bad though. Lucky Cat? Boring. :[
  19. Berserk Cat.


    Dark Sadist.

    Take your pick. *readies the torture implements*

    Oh, Mythos Revi is Dark Spirit Monster. Which is funny.