What is your first roleplay experience?

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I thought it would be fun to find out where everyone got their roleplay roots! At least when it comes to chat or forum roleplaying. You'd be surprised where some of your favorite roleplayers started out from! >:3

So I ask: What is your first roleplay experience with forums or chats?
Forum, Gaia online...

First RP: Vampire highschool. I played a human you hates vampires.... got a girl turned accidently and they had a love/hate relationship for the remainder of the rp.
:D There was a dumdum lame forum for Mewmewpower.
The very first roleplays I experienced were like writing fanfiction for the show. xD It wasn't so bad, really, the creativity was good, but the originality was low. We made all sorts of nutty, strange mewmews and then used cliche storylines. The website didn't allow links of any kind, and this included image links as well so descriptions were described in detail. :D

After that, MEWMEWALLIANCE was sort of like Iwaku in terms of age levels when I first came here. I was the little squirt-child who registered just to be able to watch the tokyomewmew subbed episodes (wanted to compare dub vs original) xD. I eventually found my way to the roleplay forum and it was alright. We mainly did Alternate Universe roleplays of ourselves in the mewmewscene. Basically, we used characters based on our personalities, I guess it was an MMA thing, but I didn't know there was more to roleplaying than that. xD

After my dad banned me from MMA for some reason that I can't really remember, but since he was serious and I was scared, I never went back. Instead, I google-searched for another roleplaying website and voila~ Iwaku it was <3 :D

My first rp here, and apparently the very first true rp I ever experienced was Katsugi-sempai's roleplay about angelic beings running from an organization that was trying to kill them or something like that. And another about a school of magical children, I think. xD
I began on GaiaOnline's forums too. xD

My first roleplay was about some haunted mansion. I had never roleplayed before, but my friend insisted that I join. I did, and oh, boy, was I terrible. Especially looking back now.
I started Forum rping about a year ago. When I first started I did a lot of Fantasy and Modern. The first rp I was in was about this Party where this girl got killed. I played a goofy punk rocker who was in love with a female bass player from a band. It lasted a long time, but sadly didn't play out. However it was enough to get me hooked.
I actually began on.... Neopets...

Then went to Gaia online.


The got recruited by Gabe to here...
Gather round kidos...I started back on this place by the name of Relic Forums. The site was mainly meant for the games of the companies fame and they had this little section known as the Boardwars beaten off in a corner away from the rest of the community of about 20,000(Provided Sarok had not been fed. Usually around 10-15k). Back here a small group of elitist twatballs known as the Board Warriors had the numbers of about 10-20. When I joined at the time the Boardwars had finally just gotten it's own section after a constant harassment of the Moderators/Admins (Another group of 10-20 twatballs, the only difference is they are smarter than you.)

My first RP I remember and have archived to this day. The name of it was Discoveries of Terrial and from it's outlook it was destined to fail. The thread lacked a backstory and just had a rough list of rules and characters with a bad character sheet and grammar to match. Me being the typical 14 year old on the internet my spelling was bad and my sense of roleplaying worse. I played a Aven (Bird-man) by the name of Jowy who specialized in close combat with a set of two knives.

To this day, and probably never again, have I experienced an RP that was made of what Terrial was. Over the course of 750 post, Jowy went from being a simple Aven who was caught up in the destruction of a world to becoming the avatar of the gods of his race. Characters died and were reborn, the world was discovered and burned, the GM did NOTHING about the story because the players were so infatuated they simple wrote the story themselves. While the thread would produce not one but TWO sequels they never shined quite as brightly as the first one did.

Well that's where this bugger got his roots started 6 years ago. The Boardwars fell into inactivity and lack of creativity after about two years and thusly I moved on to other things like tabletop RPGs and such. I still look back occasionally on that thread and my chest swells with pride knowning that I was a defining character that helped it shine. To think such a thread that I value so much would start with...quote.

Jowy walked out into the morning sun. The villedge he was in had been kind to him since he started his exploration of the world. They enjoyed his tales of the oceans and of his hometown. The one thing they didnt like was his ever ending hunger. Today is the day he was leaving to head to the city of Haverna to sell some of his gear he had no use of. The pistol and rifle he had found on some of his journeys and had no clue on how to use them. He looked around to make sure it was clear then ran and opened his wings taking off into the air. His nickname lived up to it as he zoomed through the air. At this rate he would reach the city in a short time.
I think it was on the first Iwaku (before the crashes). Not sure which was my actual first, but the first one I ever GMed was 'Rose High' XD I wrote about two sentences per post.
The first Iwaku was my first forum, and my first RP was ICSYL.
Easy enough :]]
First was at this place called MVP's board, wasn't about RPing but they had a fair amount of Rpers and whatnot. Did chat RPs there as well aside from forum based ones. The site evolved into a place called Anarchy Zero that also continued the RPing section.

On the side, I did some RPing at Gameshark.com with the user name Naplalm Man. Some of my best RPs were created there.

Then Anarchy Zero/Grunge Media, the same place were the Old member Chop-Sticks came from. I saw a link by Gabe and came here, been here ever since.

My First finished RP was ICSYL1 here on Iwaku back in the day.

So yeah, nothing very complicated.
I know the truth about Diana's RP experience. How? Why I was there. Before we hooked up in our first forum RP (you'll have to ask her the guy's name) about Sailor Moon rip-off call Zodiac Senshi, we hung out in a place called Sailor Moon Universe. Oh ye gods, did we learn all the wrong ways to run a community there.

The forum there was the thread style which can make it hard to keep track of topics and the chat was a free for all with regular conversations and chat RP battles going on at the same time. What a mess. Still there were some good points.
I came from....

Good question I dunno... Gabe just find of found me on Megatokyo even though I maybe posted once or twice on the RP forums. I had more experience doing AIM RPoos than formal ones.
When I first, first, started RPing it was on a Final Fantasy forum. I did a lot of parodies or RPs inspired by Final Fantasy. Then I kinda branched off from there. But I knew about RPing since I was a kid because my siblings used to play Dungeons and Dragons, which were good times. =P
My first experience was with action figures when I was a child. Haha, but in the history of the internet, I started in Forums. I forum hopped in the beginning, emigrating when they began to die. Eventually I landed on Gaia Online mostly because it was active. Gabe found me there way back when. Iwaku has been my main squeeze ever since, though I've been quite inactive in the gaming field for a good long while.
My first RP experience was on the Shivae Studios forums. (Man, those forums....whole kettle of fish.)

From there I moved to a Star Trek "sim" on AIM. My next step after that was Moonwings, and the rest is history.
Silent Hill Heaven. I joined up after my D&D days came to an end.

I tried to get a "collectively-written-story" going. But everyone else was shit and failed me and I became a rage-ball.

Then Gabe appeared and told me about "role... playing..." on Iwaku. So I joined up as a religious xenophic racist and the rest is history...
Then Gabe appeared and told me about "role... playing..." on Iwaku. So I joined up as a religious xenophic racist and the rest is history...

Funny how some things never change in all the years we've run this forum~
MSN Groups.
Yep. That's what I call Old School. lol
I was looking for a Harry Potter fangroup and stumbled upon an RP group, Whomping Willows. That eventually ended up closing down and I moved with a friend to another, pretty well established group, Harry's Magical World-RPG (HMW). I ended up being a Mod there for a year or two until they shut down. A few of us tried to start up a new group after that, but it fell through and I kinda got out of RPing, except for an IM RP every once in a while with old friends.

So then, after like...5 or 6 years, Rory comes up to me at one of those weird historical things we do together, and starts talking to me about Iwaku. I'm like, "This sounds pretty cool. I could get back into RPing."

And that's my story. ^_^
Camelot reborn, medieval chat room. Left that cause my ex showed me it and he still lurked about.

And how I got to iwaku:

Did a search, went on rpgchat for a while. Loveless tipped october off to this site and then october tipped me off.