What is the strangest gift you've ever received?

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  1. Mine was a fun gift, but strange nonetheless...

    I got Hello Kitty bikini underwear. The male variety.

    So, let's hear it! What's the strangest gift you've ever received, be it for Christmas, Hannakuh, your birthday, or just because?
  2. A frilly suitcase with flower patterns and a variety of pink colors. I got this for Xmas a couple of years ago from my grandma. It was considered my "big" gift from her. (She'd give us several cheap trinkets and then a bigger more expensive present last.)

    Just a random piece of luggage. For no raisin. :| I was already moved out, so there's no way that's why she gave it to me. Man, that thing was fugly... But, um, thoughtful~?
  3. When I was a kid I didn't celebrate Christmas much, but one year when I was at my biological grandmother's she gave me my friend's underwear. It...was awkward.
  4. I don't even want to know.

    A couple of years ago I was in a network of online friends and one of them decided she'd send us all gifts from Thinkgeek.

    So while we're eating dinner one night the angriest UPS knocker I've ever heard pounds on our door and drops off a huge box containing... an electric BB gun. Shaped like one of those M-16 derivative assault rifles. It was... uh... definitely something. I mean I've never been into airsoft or anything like that, and if I showed it to her it was in a joking, "Look at this, isn't this ridiculous?" kind of way.

    In the end, I think the best part of that gift was the incredibly Engrish instructions, featuring such gems as:
    • Pushing the pole releases the appearance
    • The BB Plays to throw in
    • Send to play aim at magazine, Press to push the pole send to play
    • Press to can pack once 4-5 hairs play
    • Pushing the pole woulds be emollient back to play to please watch for

    And that's just the first page. It is a six page flyer of wonderful Engrish, and if you say pole, press, or push right then it's all innuendo!
  5. So when I was little, I would always listen to the radio, didn't matter what time of day it was, I would always be listening to something. My parents thought, "Hm, maybe we should get her something that has something to do with music."

    Come Christmas day, I unwrap my present and I get A BARBIE RADIO!

    Not only did it not pick up a single radio station, but it had these cheap plastic discs that when placed into the toy it would play HORRIBLE BARBIE SONGS. THIS INCLUDED COUNTRY MUSIC. And you know what? Like all toys that make noise, it did this creepy thing where it would turn on by itself and play music in the dead of night.

  6. Isabellas have been given corn skewers by their Grandmother as a Christmas gift when Isabellas where about 15... She said she remembered Isabellas used to have an obsession with them when they where about 4...

    Not a very practical gift for a teenager.. but those would be useful to Isabellas now if they knew where they went... Isabellas grill corn on the cob a lot..

    She all so kept buying us toys untill we where 22... She must not have noticed Isabellas get larger and need more practical things like tools..

  7. But did you get nerf?

    Also, thanks for the responses, guys! Love 'em! :D
  8. I once got a box of instant lunches, back in the day when my family didn't really celebrate holidays and we were broke as hell.

    It was actually a pretty decent gift though. I love those soup-in-a-cups. Still do.
  9. My brother and his fiance once gave me a present on my birthday... I know that my brothers fiance doesn't know me so I can't blame her for giving me stuff I won't need, don't want and won't ever use. But my brother should have said "no, that won't work at all..." xD

    I got perfumed bath bombs, and a lot of things you put in the bath to make it look pretty. I rarely bath, I am more of a shower person. I have an allergy against strong smells, like perfume, so I wouldn't be able to use the bath bombs. And I'm not into girly stuff at all xD (I don't say that guys can't use those things buuuut... it felt kinda girly) My brother probably doesn't know about my allergy against smells, and I took a bath once every half a year when he lived at home so I forgive him for those two xD But he should know that I'm not so girly so I would put myself in a bath with little stars and bubbles floating around my xD I'm too inpatient to be in a bath and do nothing. (I can't relax for too long)
    If I shall take a bath then it will be in a big pool where I can swim around a looot.

    It wasn't a weird gift, it was just weird compared to my personality. And it came to use. One year later on Christmas I gave it to my very feminine friend and she loved it. x3 I couldn't use it anyways since I A) Don't take baths, B) Allergic against perfume. So it would be a waste if I just let it rot away in my house xD

    As we say in Sweden, one mans junk is another mans treasure :3 Or something like that.. no idea how to translate it right xD Probably something we stole from another country anyways xD
  10. I got something exactly like that once. Not the creepy possessed part though.

    Weirdest present ever? Candy bra. It was just like a candy necklace, but like a bra. Oh yes. Would've been weirder if I'd gotten the g-string one, though xD
  11. Well... I've sort of been aware for a while that the disinterest/ sometimes dislike from me to the mother of my step-father was mutual.
    However, it rather peaked last Christmas I think, with her crazy old-lady self and as lame as the gift was, it was kind of hilarious too because everyone was as surprised as I was.

    I got a small box with toothpaste, a pair of plain brown slippers, and a first-aid kit.
    I don't really know if she was trying to imply something, or only remembered that I existed while she was at the drugstore the night before.
    The slippers are about a size five, which is smaller than my feet. However, the real kicker is that everyone who's around me knows that I don't particularly like or wear shoes and as soon as I'm not in public am notorious for wandering around either barefoot or in socks.

    EDIT: This is not a gift I've received, but I stumbled across this as a "great gift idea" and felt this a good place to share.
    Quickly, raise your hands, who wants one?
  12. Did they give you the weirdo AWWW YEEAAHHH shakey eyebrow when they gave it to you?!? 'Cause I can totally see them ready to say, "It's for you to wear and me to eat. ;D"

    That is a STRANGE gift, and would be redonkulously creepy if given out of nowhere! I LIKE IT.
  13. I would LOVE a personalized romantic novel! I've seen those things before and they crack me up. XD

    I really can't remember if I've ever received a WEIRD gift. I think I lucked out in that department!

    However, sharing the same grandmother as Isabella, I HAVE received impractical gifts. There I was, almost a 20 year old woman and she was still bringing me toys. And not cool toys I would have actually still played with cause I am a dork. The cheap dollar-store style toys that are only entertaining to little-little kids. Like a kaleidoscope, bubbles, little plastic puzzle games, etc. I think I ended up giving them to the neighborhood kids!
  14. I don't know, bubbles can be REALLY fun...
  15. My grandma one year, gave me sheer, SEE-THROUGH underwear for christmas- and seeing as we were all opening our presents together, my parents eventually saw me looking at it with a look between humor and horror. This was back a few years ago- think my parents managed to talk to her about giving presents because now all she does is give me money.

    <.< I.... don't really give half a damn about money- but she's been gettin a bit angry with me lately. And while I don't care about money, there are huge implications when the woman who used to give me 200 dollars like it was nothing, suddenly goes down to 50 smackers.

    Whiiiiich means I've angered her somehow.


    Barbies- I'd play tug of war with my dog, using them. I hated pink when I was little, hated even touching the color- so a doll WRAPPED in that color? No.....

    FURBY- Oh god... I had a grey and white one... I THINK the eyes were blue or green, and it was... The thing was... oh god. Evem two year without its BATTERIES, it would STILL turn on and talk in that jumbled language.

    Bra and panty set from my mom- not really all that awkward until you factor in that one of my good friends at the time (A guy who I didn't know had a massive crush on me, and his religious obsession would be the downfall of our friendship) was there. So when I opened the present, he saw it. it was like... zerba or white tiger striped and had little blue pompoms. And now that I think about it, I should have inferred from his looks that he was having dirty thoughts...


    A FANCY DOLL- complete with victorian-style pink and white dress, dresser and chair for itself. The thing scared the hell out of me. Glass. Eyes. I STILL have it in my closet, I just don't know what to do with it- still creeps me out.

    There are more and better stories and items, but they're a little... adult...
  16. The creepy glass eyed doll is sitting in your closet. Watching you. And all the creepy lingerie your relatives (wut) buy you.
  17. I actually covered the dolls face with a pair of panties so I can't see her eyes. THEY FREAK ME OUT.
  18. 50 shades of grey from the father.... awkward. I think I need to readjust my attitude towards kink. :/
  19. This year I got socks. Like usually I love socks. But these are from my grandma, and they're like cotton, frilly, girly socks that I would NEVER wear... I don't even have anything that would go with it... And its just like...... thanks... I guess.
  20. I request tellings of these adult-better stories

    Oh god, I laughed so hard!! Your dad?! lolol