What is the most epic piece of Classical Music you've ever heard?

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  1. Love it or hate it, everyone has heard classical music. Everyone has that one song that they thing is one of the most epic or beautiful pieces they've ever heard. What's yours?
    I would like it if you would put one instrumental, and one Vocal. Production music also qualifies.

    You may put multiples.

    Eric Whitacre's lux Aurumque:

    Erik Satie's Gymnopedie No 1.

    These are mine. What are yours?
  2. Also, this:

    Scratch that. anything by jo Blankenburg.

  3. The Inner Light - Jay Chattaway

    This was the piece from the episode of Star Trek: TNG that broke out every man-tear short of Kamina dying.

    Also, the fake flute used in this episode was auctioned off for $40,000 USD, when its initial estimate was only $800-1200 USD. Definitely one of the most-wanted pieces in the auction. And it doesn't even play! It isn't a real flute!
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  4. This is a concert piece that holds a special place in my heart. The wind symphony that I performed in during high school played this during a concert at Carnegie Hall. Funny that you should mention Eric Whitacre ❖Silver Paladin❖.

    This is not a recording of us, obviously (I don't even know if such a recording exists), but it was an amazing, amazing experience. I was nearly crying by the time we left the stage.

    (I kept editing because I couldn't decide which video was better!!!)
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  5. That sounds amazing!
  6. One I've fallen for is "Dance of the Golden Snake", which is a Chinese classic.
    It's been remixed many times with extra instruments added in, but the tune has never changed

    I like this version:

    Starts at 0:24
    Turn down the volume, the drums are loud.
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  7. I can't believe this wasn't added to this list yet.
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  8. Wow, my concert band played this as well. We competed with this piece.
  9. Sleeping Beauty waltz. Tchaikovsky's verison of course!

  10. Did I hear this in Kung Fu Hustle?

    Fuck. I want to watch Kung Fu Hustle now.

  11. This is more heart-wrenching for me, but my god, is it beautiful.

    EDIT: Edited for Chopin.

    SECOND EDIT: Not classical music in the strictest sense, buuuut...

    Also, the piece that inspired the MGS Theme above, which is classical in the strictest sense!

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  13. I love classical music so much!

    Dance of the Knights - It makes me feel like a Tyrant.

    Lacrimosa - The sound of doom.

    One of my favourites!

    + Anything written by Shostakovich is instantly a hit for me

    Then a million Chopin Nocturnes and Preludes, Bach always produces epic pieces too!
  14. if I have to pick a SHORT piece it would be this:

    Otherwise i'd say:

    Technically yes, this is all one piece.

  15. This is too.
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