What is the funniest thing you've convinced a sibling to do or believe?

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  1. I convinced my baby brother when he was 3 or 4 that a puddle of mud was chocolate milk.


    What's the funniest thing you've convinced a sibling to do or believe?
  2. There are so many things, ay yi yi...

    The first one that comes to mind is telling my little sister [second eldest] that if she worshiped me like a God, I'd give her superpowers. I was the most powerful person to her, during our childhood. Twisted as I was/am, she still thought highly of me... Said worshiping consisted of her giving me her toys, giving me her ice cream treats and stuff like that. Just sacrificing her belongings. I felt so pleased and so evil. It was funny that she'd go "What's my superpower gonna be!?" and stuff. Hehe, it was silly to me that she believed all this up until age 8 or something.

    I'll admit, looking back at all this makes me sorta guilty. I was always so mean and nasty to my sister. ;-;
  3. This actually hasn't happened in my childhood, but when I worked at McDonald's I had convinced every person, from the owner of the restaurant, to the lowly employees that I was the thumb wrestling champion from 1993 to 1997. To prove it, I beat everyone who worked there in gentlemanly combat, save for an old military vet. I left him alone.

    As for childhood memories, I did a lot of things. I can't really put my finger on any one thing. I've always been a good liar, but I didn't learn to control that until I got older. Suffice it to say, I had convinced people that I knew how to make my own envelopes in kindergarten, I was the owner of the school in first or second grade, I had my own cross bred tiger/wolf in about third grade, I had super mental powers in fourth grade, and sometime later that same year I convinced them I was a martial arts master when that lie fell through. Those are the things that really stand out. I got caught a lot and my strategy was to usually lie through it and it worked too often than I'd care to admit. Ahh youth..

    Now as for siblings? Nothing. I was the youngest and most foolish. I got tricked a lot with sneaky lies, but I had my revenge via pranks.
  4. A cousin of mine and I managed to fool my elder brother to believe that LL Cool J was gay with one of the members in Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

    LL Cool J is big and buff and the members in Bone are skinny, so yeah...you get the picture.

  5. You are a certified, irredemable, evil douche.

    I mean, how could you do that? Its criminal!

    I mean, really, how come you didn't give her the superpowers? For that matter, where's my telekinesis after I gave you that fatted lamb on that altar last year? It was quality mutton, is all I'm saying!
  6. I never really did anything to my siblings seeing that I'm the youngest of three. But there were a few things they did to ME. Like having me scared shitless of eggnog one Christmas because they told me it was made of cow eyes. "Pasteurize - pasture, like where cows graze; ize, eyes." Those bastards. To be fair I was the smallest that would always hide places and scared the living hell out of everyone.

    Oh and my dad convinced all three of us when we were little that there was such a thing as "hill cows" too. It was around that Christmas I believe. But yeah, basically they were cows with the legs on one side of their body shorter than the other. So they were stuck facing one direction their whole life.

    We were young. Shut up.
  7. Hill cows is the most adorable thing I've heard this week! I'm totally gonna do that!
  8. There was this old Italian restaurant back home that when I was younger my family went to. They had these big bowls of butter that looked like ice cream under the dim lights. I told my little brother that they gave complimentary ice cream at this place and that I had already eaten mine when he was in the bathroom. With a devious grin I gave him a spoon and watched as he took a HUGE scoop of the butter and popped it in his mouth.

    His cry of anguish and spitting it out onto his napkin was so much fun. Little brat grew up to be a douche so I feel justified.