What is Roleplaying? How to Answer...

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  1. I have been asked a couple times, what is Roleplaying? I have never really known how to answer other than you play an imaginary character in a world but it is so much more than that.
    Does anyone have a good reply to the question that sums up the glory, fun and creativeness behind roleplaying?
  2. It's when two people come together who have the skills to be a writer, but do not want to write a book; collaborate together and come up with a story that is unique to their own personalities, wants and needs. It allows the users to be expressive because they are not judged by what they write and it opens up a whole new world of what lies behind writing which it seems all the authors complain about is how long it took, the characters and settings... where we embrace all that jazz and make it one with our partners.

    DAMN. I should be a poet.
  3. Thats pretty good, it was a little confusing reading it at first but would mind if I use that?
  4. Roleplaying = playing pretend. That's it. It's not any more complicated than that!

    Now, it's when you get in to different KINDS of roleplaying, that is where you explain details. 8D There is Collaborative Writing roleplaying. There is live action roleplaying. Roleplay gaming via video games... Kinky sexdy roleplaying...
  5. You're right. That was confusing. o.O Okay so scratch out being a poet.

    But yes, you may use that general description if you would like. xD
  6. Extended, collaborative, online story-writing. Easy-peasy :)
  7. I don't think you can actually explain it and convey the FEELS that come from it properly. As Diana said, "playing pretend" is more or less accurate, but... That doesn't even begin to express the joy from writing beautiful fiction, nervous butterflies you get with anticipation of every new post and the struggle you live through with your characters.

    Besides, it depends on who asks the dreaded question. One does not simply explain to their parents what roleplaying is :D You're going to look like deranged sociopath anyway, so don't bother :D
  8. An exercise in collaborative creativity.
  9. Playing in each others sandboxes.
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  10. Roleplaying to me is just "collaborative writing". Usually, the people asking me don't know what 'collaborative' means, so they just smile and nod, and the ones who do already know what roleplaying is.