What Inspires You?

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  1. So, Iwaku, what inspires you? What provokes your thoughts, and stimulates our mind? It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it makes you think, and inspires you.

    There are two things that can be used to get at my heart.
    One, is a stonemason.
    Two, is this speech.
  2. Two chief things: music, and TVTropes. Sometimes I'll hear a song that reminds me of one of my characters, except for one part that doesn't quite fit, something that hasn't happened yet. Well that will spur me to think of a plot for that person to drive his characterization forward. And tropes will get my creative gears turning because I'll find one that sounds interesting and think of someone or something that fits, which will in turn get me brainstorming. :3 Sometimes when I want to write but can't think of anything, I'll just grab a random trope and write a ficlet based on it.
  3. Everything.

    I'm serious.


    All the time.



    And it drives me INSANE.

    I'm never really sure when or how inspiration will strike. o_o It can be as simple as a phrase someone says, or a word. It could be a color. An object. Lyrics in a song. A scene in a movie. A funny joke. An awkward moment. A dream. Something I ate. I think I am just one of those people who has a brain constantly in motion...

    But when I am TRYING to be inspired on purpose, I usually turn to music. I look for music that has the right sort of sound to it or a specific kind of lyrics. It gives me something to jump from.
  4. Certain types of music really inspire me. Mainly the music without any words.

    I'm just able to paint pictures so much easier..And I can get multiple ideas from the first.

  5. What Diana said, but then again I'm still not sure we don't share a muse.
  6. Music, novels, sometimes memorable dreams, and good video games stories.
    They get in my head and just wreck things.
  7. I am similar to Diana and Ocha in the respect that I always get a lot of ideas, even when I do not need them. I do not really know the source of my inspiration, but I think that I get most of my ideas from books, comics or anything that I read. Sometimes thoughts just pop into my head, and they form into ideas. I also find music inspiring, especially if I listen to music that sets the mood, which is the primary reason why I listen to a lot of ambient music. However, I sometimes find silence even more inspiring, as my thoughts are literally born from nothing, just the inspiring silence and the logical progression of ideas.

    I just wish I had the willpower to do all the ideas I have, and not be as lazy as I am.
  8. [video=youtube;Tn58-Nl9NYw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn58-Nl9NYw[/video]



  9. The smallest things looked past.
  10. Quite often when I'm watching a show, I'll see some detail and fasten upon it, and want to explore that idea further, to make it more. And when I think of ways to explore it I think of plots and world details, and those get shuffled into the great folder of ideas in my head.