What? I'm over here now? Alright, sup?

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  1. Hey there.... *moves hands randomly* Everybody! Name's Chukklehed, Chukkles, Chucks, or Kathy (But only if you're partial to being flayed alive and having an angry mortal skip RRRRRRRROPE with your entrails). Let's see... What about me?

    I'm 20, almost 21
    I like to play a wide variety of characters, but find it impossible to play a truly evil character.
    The dark and the fog is my domain, but you can visit.
  2. Hey chuk!
    Wait, you can't play a truely evil character! BWAHAHAHA! I'm kidding, almost everyone that I've noticed have tried to play an evil character, hasn't really done it right.
    We're all trained to be good I guess...
    I've been to your domain a couple times before, a couple hundred years ago, I think. It was too smoggy for my like.

    Happy roleplaying.
  3. Chukkles! O_O Welcome to the site, Chukkles!
  4. Great Migration 0.1!
    Since Kest's the instigator and all.
  5. [BCOLOR=rgb(8, 8, 8)]*Brakes threw wall*woops......*looks up at you and smiles* Hello There! I am Hiroki Shoma. *bows*Welcome to Iwaku where Insanity has no limits. *stands straight and gives you a golden card with my name and information on it. * If you want a buddy let me know. tumblr_md9d5nxQ3N1r60zuio2_r1_500_zps4180dd9f.gif [/BCOLOR]
  6. Err... Slightly smaller migration? ;p

    I mean we can't really beat twenty-something. We got like eight players ;p
  7. I heard truly evil, so I came with haste!~
  8. You heard slightly incorrectly, sorry to waste your recruiting time